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The toll of the olympics

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    TrueTorontoFan wrote: View Post
    yeah but durant was injured again this year.also they have 4 allstars so that always helps
    good point and draymond did not play at all because he embarrassed himself and his country bye his penis fixation either kicking Adam's or snapchating his own.So basically he did not play. Frankly Coach k and the US team won on talent and the fact the international talent is no where near the 2004 level


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      JamesNaismith wrote: View Post
      Sorry but its a lame excuse.

      Kyle has been broken down for several years in a row...when do the Philly Cheesesteak joints finally get some blame?!

      The rest of the team was just fine.
      You seem to respond emotionally and not factually. One person whose confidence was shaken was JV. He was crucified by the Lithuania Media and it really impacted his confidence.
      Derozan did not sulk when he did not get minutes he brought his own coach and sharpened his skills.
      Cory played his heart out and I really do not have an idea what impact had on him. (he. Played in the last chance qualifiers not the Olympic games themselves.
      As for Lowry he had a very underated tournament and played great two way ball. I do not think there was any negitive to the games at all.
      Just one thought on your Philly Cheesesteak comment Mr Naismith Grow up!!


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        SkywalkerAC wrote: View Post
        Maybe Kyle should have gotten that wrist surgery instead...
        I am wondering if he hurt his wrist prior to the all star game not. The ollmpic's


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          Hotshot wrote: View Post
          Team U.S is still a cut above all teams, so Kyle and DD didn't play heavy minutes and get to practice against the best players in the world so its a positive.

          Jonas and Joseph are still young so even if they log on heavy minutes in a span of 2-3 weeks in the summer, they have enough time to rest as well as work on their game in the highest level of competition you can get outside the NBA which is positive.

          Someone like Ibaka however isn't going to get better at his age, is in his prime but not really consider young and because he has a big body and would be logging on heavy minutes with team Spain, I would prefer someone like him not to be playing.
          I think you misunderstand the person starting this thread is asking what the partipation last year had on this year's NBA season.


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            psrs1 wrote: View Post
            And should we really invest 30 million per year in him? IMO no way. Huge mistake. He's good but we will be hamstrung. Just ask DanH.
            What does this statement have to do with what the orginal poster asked?


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              S.R. wrote: View Post
              OP - some guys yes, some guys no. For DeMar or Lebron, these guys are high usage machines who so rarely look tired or physically wear down and become injury prone, while in their primes I think they can handle it. For a guy like Lowry, with a track record of wearing down, a really physical playing style as a small player, and a body he has to fight with a bit to keep in peak shape, he should be pacing himself more.
              I agree with your rational but even Lebron did not participate in 2016. An Olympic appearance between to back to back finals may have been too much even for himself.