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Article: top 15 of most hated Raptors of all time

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    Cody73 wrote: View Post
    The guy played with heart, hustle
    If those are two of your top reasons for loving a very mediocre Jarrett Jack (who was brought in specifically because of his connection to CB4) then I don't get why you don't get Alvin the same credit. He came to this team at a time when bums like Kenny Anderson wouldn't, worked his ASS off to become a player, took the starters spot from Mark Jackson and became the heart and soul of a Raptors team that should've been lead by Mr Soft-as-Charmin Vince Carter. He defended with size, intelligence and grit, fought through injuries that would've ended Vince and always rapped the city well. He also hit what, until recently, was the biggest shot in Raptor history, downing the Knicks at MSG in the 5th game and did a great job on H20, the leagues first 100 million dollar man. The following year he and AD rallied the troops to go 12-14 and were a chris Childs brain fart from beating the pistons after VC went down.

    He wasn't flashy, his box scores were fugly. He was the heart and soul of a team and franchise too often without either.
    LET'S GO RAP-TORS!!!!!


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      Cody73 wrote: View Post
      No way. My Top 3:

      1. Lowry. Easily the best PG we've ever had in terms of play. Do I really need to say more?

      2. Damon. Looking at tape, I honestly feel Mighty Mouse could've been amazing had it not been for his trade. I think the trade to Portland hurt him & injuries didn't help. Had he stayed here & stayed healthy, he would be better remembered.

      3. I'm ready for the hate on this pick, but this one is personal. Jarret Jack. That 2009-10 season was an ugly one, but Jack was a bright spot in my eyes. The guy played with heart, hustle & IMO should've been the guy we stuck with over Jose. When we traded him.... I was pissed. You trade a established PG for Jerryd Bayless & a washed up Peja Stojakovic. WHY? During Jack's season with Golden State, I felt the guy should've won 6MOTY.

      Also.... as for the two guys you brought up... Mike James couldn't play D & Alston wasn't better than Williams. I get why people love Boogie, I just don't get it.
      If you do not have Jose Calderon either in your top 3 then your rankings are astonishingly flawed.


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        Can't we include Front Office guys? Colangelo responsible for most of the Raptors I hated.
        your pal,


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          I also really hated Alanjo Mourning..
          The guy refused to play single game for Raptors
          He really did not try to hide how he looked down on the Raptors as an organiazation


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            Dwane Casey?


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              ebrian wrote: View Post
              Can't we include Front Office guys? Colangelo responsible for most of the Raptors I hated.
              I disliked his moves but I never "hated" Colangelo. Not a great GM but as President he did alright.

              However the fat useless guy he brought with him from Italy sucked big time!!