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Some sad news, guys: Sun Life Financial named Jersey Sponsor of Toronto Raptors

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    Ahaha, completely forgot about Cooperalls.

    A tiny SunLife logo seems so insignificant compared to these monstrosities.


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      S.R. wrote: View Post
      It's less in your face than US broadcasts that license every possible segment of the game. "KFC Buckets Shot Chart " etc.
      Reminds me of this a few years back.

      "This is great for the league, but I'm not sure it's the best thing in the world for the players," McNabb said. "The anxiety made me throw to [wide receiver Todd] Pinkston a half-second before he turned and looked back for the ball—I mean, looked for the can of Campbell's new Chunky Chili. If I hadn't felt so much pressure to please the advertisers, I wouldn't have hit him in the forehead with that pass. I also believe that, if he'd been wearing a traditional helmet instead of a KFC bucket, he wouldn't be in the hospital right now."
      If we knew half as much about coaching an NBA team as we think, we"d know twice as much as we do.


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        Apollo wrote: View Post
        You can look at it another way though. Steps like these increase the league's revenue streams which leads to an even healthier NBA busniess and a more lucrative NBA for all those players we root for.

        As long as they don't go all to hell with it I'm 'ok' with it.
        Except, they absolutely will go all to hell with it, eventually.
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