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  • Hopefully Next game would be a good game for Yak, he can make it difficult for that big beast of the Bucks to drive down the lane.

    I am sure Yak himself knows how bad he has been playing defensively.

    What they need to work on at the very least is for him to nail some 6 to 8 footer.

    I checked his stats from that distance:
    He average close to 50% from 3-10 feet BUT only takes 31% total attempts of his shots

    Darko has to encouraged him or set plays for him to make those short jump shots, allowing defenses to be more honest and opens the lane from the weak side for cutters so Yak from time to time can pass the ball…he is a decent passer


    • planetmars wrote: View Post

      Yeah no idea.. he's usually pretty solid defensively but has struggled this year. He's always had a foul problem.. and a stamina problem (doesn't play over 25mpg). But he seems to be too slow at times like you said. Guys are getting to the rim easily on him. And they can also push him out of the way if they need to which isn't great. Offensively he's fine. He's basically a rim runner. Gets easy buckets from well timed passes. He had better chemistry with Fred, but he's doing fine with Dennis too.

      His $20M contract is fine too. That's about the value for a 5th option these days. I don't love the first round pick that was traded. But it is what it is. The fit just never really made sense though. He's a big which we need.... but he's a terrible floor spacer. When you have Pascal and Scottie next to him its gross. And it compounds further when Dennis struggles too. I don't know what to say.

      By mid December he's trade legible. But I think if we swap Pascal with a real shooting guard.. Poeltl would look a lot better. The whole fitting square pegs into round holes management style we have going is getting a bit tiresome.
      Yeah, not sure why he seems slow these days. Still solid, but seems like guys are getting past him a lot more easily and he's not putting up much of a fight at the point of contact.


      • I didn't really notice any slowness per se. Could play with a bit more force defensiively - or strong but ready to flop like when Gafford went into his chest.


        • Lets see JV do that
          Only one thing matters: We The Champs.


          • MixxAOR wrote: View Post

            Lets see JV do that
            Nov 29, 2021 against the Clippers, JV went
            39 points in 32 minutes (figure out that PER lol)
            15 rebounds
            3 AST
            2 STL
            on 15 for 24 shooting
            7 for 8 from three
            and 100% from the stripe

            Different players but JV could beast in a way that Jak could only dream
            As always, get him his damn ring