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Do demarre carolls words have merit?

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    CalgaryRapsFan wrote: View Post
    I'm not really sure what Carroll's own play has to do with the question of how accurate his claims were. I was one of the few people on here who hated the idea of signing him in the first place, especially at such an obscene salary, given his success came in an anti-Raptors system offense.

    Yes, his play sucked. He couldn't hit the 3pt shot consistently and didn't offer any better or more consistent defense than Ross or Powell.

    However, I find it intriguing that he mentioned the same sort of divide in the dressing room that has come up in the past. I wonder if Patterson walking away from this team might also have been a telltale sign, given that there was thought he might have been on the 'other' side of the dressing room according to past rumors.

    Bottom line is that I am happy Carroll is gone, and really like the pickup of Miles. I also was not surprised by his comments, since similar comments/rumors have seeped out of the Raptors dressing room over the past couple seasons.
    PPat clanged more open 3's than DC.......


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      A.I wrote: View Post
      Imagine 5 Bargnanis playing defense like this

      When you hit the block button in 2K but you're accidentally highlighted on the wrong player
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        MixxAOR wrote: View Post
        We talk about offense too much. His defense sucked ass

        the dude can fuck off. Scrub trying to improve his value
        I watched half of the Antetokounmpo highlights, and, yeah, I'm surprised it didn't cost Masai more to unload him.


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          I love all the Rasual Butler talk.
          I can't believe he went on to play three more seasons.


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            Demarre Carrolls words have very little merit to me.

            Did I miss the part where he said that he was disappointed in his performances? Dude was bad on both ends..... I used to cringe every time he dribbled and he must've had the worst percentage at the rim on the team. He regularly missed layups.

            Maybe he should take more responsibility and work out his issues in the gym instead of shopping for hours on end.

            Good riddance!

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              Pele wrote: View Post
              PPat clanged more open 3's than DC.......
              very close then his defense suffered as well wonder what if he ever really recovered from his injury.


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                DC was a fringe NBA player that had a good season prior to getting to be a free agent. He played well for atlanta in the playoffs because he was hitting his open shots. I think Masai just did not come to the conclusion that the the hawks system and his improvement on his shot and the fact he was considered a fifth option on that team that shared the ball contributed to his success. He never started here healthy. When his shot would not fall he offence was very limited. That we got nothing for him other then contract relief is where his value is in the league. He may have some have some valid observations about this teams faults but so do many people.DC hope you put some money away because I think this contract will be your last one. The nets spent money to get younger.


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                  Of course Carroll's words had merit. And good for him for having the backbone to give his honest opinion when asked for it.

                  I have no use for NBA executives or their sycophantic media who expect the players to keep their mouths shut and act like chattel.
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