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The Raptors' 1st Hall-Of Famer

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  • The Raptors' 1st Hall-Of Famer

    With McGrady going in on September 8th as a Rocket, there are two potential options in the short term: Bosh & Carter.

    No one would have guessed it five years ago but Bosh is a lock to make it and will enter before Vince Carter.
    The Hall of Fame class of 2021, already destined to become arguably the greatest ever, could turn out to be even better than expected.
    Bosh has not announced his retirement, and playing in the NBA again, after signing as a free agent, would re-start the waiting period on his candidacy. But if the long-expected procedural move by the Heat is the final official chapter of his career, the 11-time All-Star and two-time champion in Miami would be eligible for the election cycle that begins in 2020 and ends with 2021 enshrinement.

    But would he enter as a Raptor? Probably not even though he played roughly an extra 100 games in Toronto and set a bunch of team records. So that would leave Carter as the guy... But would he pick the Raptors as his team? He only played 17 more games with the Raptors than the Nets and he had more team success with the Nets. His most memorable career years were with the Raptors however. Tough call to say what he does there but for most people when they think Vince Carter they think Toronto Raptors.

    Beyond them, Kyle Lowry has an outside shot at the Hall. He's a late bloomer but if he puts up two or three more regular seasons like the last two and plays into his late 30's he has at least a chance. That would put his stats in line with guys already in there. Also it wasn't that long ago that debates raged on in here about McGrady not getting in for not have enough hall of fame worthy seasons...

    Finally we have DD, who is a lock to make it should his current career(or similar) production hold up for the next four or five seasons.

    So what do you think guys? Who will be the Raptors 1st Hall-of-Famer?
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    Bosh will chose the Heat because he had the most success there and was good friends with Riley.

    Carter is an interesting one. He blossomed here but he again had the most team success as a Net. But the Nets are no longer the "Nets".. since they moved to Brooklyn. Same name, different city.. and maybe that's enough for him to just go with Toronto. I'd actually be pretty surprised if he didn't select Toronto. Seems like the organization has turned a leaf with how he exited when they honoured him last year (or was that they year before, can't remember now).

    Either way I'm picking Carter. I hope Lowry and DD make it. There are a lot of current players that I'd pick before either of them though.


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      Carter will pick Toronto. At this rate he's going to be the Raptors' only HoFer for quite a while.
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        Vince Carter. #Easy

        I think DeRozan has a shot if he continues to put up these type of numbers the next 5 years.
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          I think Vince may choose to go in as a Rap given all the image rehabbing he's done.

          If not, it would take a championship for Lowry to get in imo.

          DeMar would get in via the Reggie Miller route (sustained long term success with one team), but Reggie had 25,000 points and some deep playoff runs. There are only 3 guys over 20,000 points who aren't in and likely won't ever be: Tom Chambers, Antawn Jamison, and Joe Johnson. DD has about 750 pts more than JJ to their age 27 seasons... Fairly close. JJ made 7 all star teams and is a 50/50 shot to make it per bbref.

          I'd like to think DeMar could keep up this style of play deep into his 30s, so if we don't rebuild he's probably our best shot at a career Raptor HOFer.
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            For the incredible longevity that he's had, let's be frank, this is still the best it ever got for Vince.

            If he wants to be remembered for when he was truly his greatest,
            when he was the biggest phenomenon in basketball,
            He's going in as a Rap.

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