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  • Some interesting (positive) stats

    Was just browsing Basketball Reference and I noticed some pretty cool stuff with our team.

    Most of our rotation players are shooting around 60 TS% (some guys are a lot higher like Poeltl and OG). The only guys who aren't are Siakam (49.6 TS%), VanVleet (49.9 TS%), Powell (53.8 TS%) and Miles (56.3 TS% which is still efficient).

    That's pretty crazy to see, almost everyone on the team scoring efficiently. And the thing is it's not all being done the same way. JV and Poeltl are hyper efficient finishers around the basket. Delon and DeMar have really high 2PT%s and FT draw rates. OG, Kyle and Ibaka take a big chunk of their shots from 3 and all shoot around 40% or better from there.

    The new offense does seem to be working really well. On top of this I also noticed everyone in our rotation except Powell (.061) is over league average in win shares per 48 (.100).

    Personally I've never been that bothered about the top 10 offense and top 10 defense thing. Because 9th or 10th or so is basically just a slightly above league average offense or defense which doesn't mean much. What's crazy right now though is we're close to being a top 5 offense and defense. 4th in oRTG right now and 6th in dRTG (with 2 teams in the top 5 I could see us bouncing out --- Boston and Portland). That's the real elite status on both ends of the floor so if we can stay around there that really bodes well for us in the playoffs. We're also 3rd in netRTG at +8.6 with the Warriors (+12.5) and Rockets (+10.6) in the top 2 spots. But there's a chasm between us and 4th (Boston at +4.3).

    Oh and I was running some numbers and figured out that OG is the best player in the NBA. Don't care to show my evidence for it, just accept it as fact and move on.