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A Raptors Christmas List

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  • A Raptors Christmas List

    In the spirit of the season…. Here is the Raptors Christmas list….

    For Jonas Valanciunas: A set of ear plugs to drown out the white noise that constantly follows him around and a bright dayglo orange strip that blinks so folks can spot him when he rolls or dives to the basket uncovered.

    For Serge Ibaka: More of whatever he has been eating or drinking that has transformed early season Angry Serge to the past months monster who looks a lot like OKC Serge. Keep er going Serge.

    For OG Anunoby: An interpreter who can explain to the some of the dim lights who interview him that OG’s incredible funny dry deadpan sense of humour makes him a fan favourite from coast to coast.

    For Kyle Lowry: Good Health for the year. A healthy and as rested as he has ever been Lowry will be a force in the post season.

    For DD: Another all star game. This man works at his craft like no other and deserves the acknowledgement of his peers.

    For Jacob Poeltl: A better effing nickname than the Austrian Hammer. He has earned it with his play this year. Dudes a keeper and in a redraft would be picked higher than he was.

    For Pascal Siakam and Delon Wright: A continued green light to shoot those 3’s and to take them when they are there. No hesitation please. Practice Practice Practice and keep firing.

    For Fred Van Vleet: A promise from MU for good contract for next year. A hard working self made NBA player who has made himself a part of this team.

    For Norm Powell: The Hot Tub Time Machine (with his choice of tub-mates) to travel back to last years playoffs and bring that game back with him. Its been a slog this year but Norms going to come around.

    For CJ Miles: A strainer so he can keep draining those 3’s. CJ has been everything he was advertised to be.

    For Bebe: A run of good luck. If this guy didn’t have bad luck on injuries he would have none at all. It’s a marathon and the team can use his special skill set during the course of the year. Get well soon.

    For Dwane Casey: An expense account from MU that can be used to pay fines for technical fouls. Dwane you need to blow your stack a couple of times when Poeltl and VanVleet are just robbed blind by bad foul calls. Take that for data.

    For the Raptors Scouting Staff: Long term contracts and bigger expense accounts as they hit the road and evaluate prospects in college gyms every day. These guys found Delon, Pascal and OG in the 20’s in the draft. Their talent evaluation acumen will pay dividends for years to come.

    For Nick Nurse and Rex Kalamian: Raises baby, raises. In conjunction with Dwane the brand new offence and rejuvenated defence they have drawn up and presided over has been very successful. Tip of the hat to you all.

    For Masai Ujiri, A Giant from Africa: Another Executive of the Year Award. For blending tactical basketball operational Excellence and creating a model organization inside the NBA which has competed at a high level for 5 years and is positioned to do so for another 5. The Raps are the Anti Knicks.

    For the usual suspects on this forum: Continue to be the opinionated SOB's you all are as we live and die with one of the leagues best teams.
    There's no such thing as a 2nd round bust.
    - TGO

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    For Claw Reborn: A Demar Derozan signed jersey. Your biggest critics are secretly your biggest fans

    For DanH: A day off. Dan's wheels are always turning, hopefully on Christmas he puts all that aside and has an eggnog or 2

    For T Rex: A Hug.
    9 time first team all-RR, First Ballot Hall of Forum


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      For KeonClark:


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        rocwell wrote: View Post
        For KeonClark:

        9 time first team all-RR, First Ballot Hall of Forum