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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Raptors Republic, may this festive period bring us Ws, joy and prosperity. Merry Christmas and a magnificent New Year lads!
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      Good wishes to all. Thus far an very uninspiring (not surprisingly) game between the knicks and sixers

      Edit: To sum it crunch time with a six point game and less than 2 minutes left, the knicks had the ball and promptly passed it to the crowd. The Sixers took possession, brought it up the floor and passed it into the crowd....and then a 5 second violation. The ESPN crew is trying to sell this as a fantastic game.
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        Merry Christmas! Hope everyone is happy and filled with food and alcohol
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          Thanks to the RR crew, staff and volunteers for giving us this opportunity to indulge in our fan activities. And a big thanks to the RR denizens for entertaining and educating me in my favorite sport.

          Best of the season to you all.



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            Still recovering from dinner and a couple busy travelling days ahead. Merry CHRISTmas to all.


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              I haven't been on here a long time..just been busy as F..I just wanted 2 wish everyone Happy Holidays and Happy New Year..
              As for the raps,quick observation,very happy and thrilled that there playing good ball..and who would a thunk it that Raps in first place ..good on them, anyway really hoping Masai Ujiri wakes up and does what is necessary for this team 2 compete for championship,still waiting of right now it's great,but playoff's comes around,well u know the rest..peace..
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                Happy holidays everyone!