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Hmmm ... Bosh as a Bull?

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    And he no doubt could grab six times as many boards a game as this average Joe!... Wait, what's six times zero?


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      Apollo wrote: View Post
      And he no doubt could grab six times as many boards a game as this average Joe!... Wait, what's six times zero?
      now now......dont hate him cuz you aint him....

      but on a side note....i was really hoping that POB would prove everyone wrong...kinda like how Beli turned things around this season....POB was in the same situation like beli in GS....


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        Sam wrote: View Post
        I think Bosh is an excellent player but I hope he leaves if this team barely makes the playoffs and then fails to advance past the first round - a likely result given the season so far. Bosh staying with a middle of the road Raptors team means management will be satisfied because fans will have a reason to keep buying tickets. Bosh leaving because the team is mediocre at least has a chance of truly stirring things up to the point that either Colangelo gets his act together (I used to be a fan of his, now I'm not) or management finds a new (hopefully better) GM.

        Of course, even if Bosh goes, I'm not sure Colangelo has anything to worry about. And I'm not sure MLSE has the ability to find a better GM. Lord knows there are worse than BC out there.

        I think I'm beginning to hate being a Raptors fan.
        You sound like a fan who is opening up to blowing up this team. I felt the same way at last year's trade deadline and was disappointed to see Colangelo apply a quick-fix through the Marion trade. At the time I would've much rather started from scratch. I don't think that's an option anymore considering the contracts we have. We just have to hope that this team finds itself.


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          ...They just blew up the team. Its not an option because they just did it. This team probably isn't going to change much over the next couple of seasons so everyone is going to have to get used to it at some point.


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            A Bosh trade to Chicago is easy to see.
            And it could be good for both teams.
            Chicago has the assets that can replace the stats Bosh contributes and should result in a better scoring Bulls team and a better defending Raptors.

            It's possible. No reason to wait until the summer either!
            The best Raptors discussion board is at Raptors Republic.

            Stephen Brotherston, Pro Bball Report