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    Not really mid-season since we've almost played 60 games. Grades in my opinion should be based on pre-season expectations so that's what I'll do here.

    Also a C in my opinion is average. Essentially meeting my expectations. And no half grades

    Lowry - B : Not many KLOE moments, but we don't have to rely on him as much this year as years prior. Was expecting a bad shooting year post contract year, but he's been good. Started off slowly but has been hitting his stride. Love that he's been healthy (minus that ass injury).

    DeRozan - A: He's taking and hitting 3's! Also playing within this new system. Career year, and I've been loving hit.

    Anunoby - A: I had no expectations at all for him, but he's been great. First half of the year anyway. The Rookie Wall has really gotten to him though, and I hope this all-star break gets him out of his funk.

    Serge - D: C is average so D would be below that. He's not a terrible player.. but he's not that good either. Is he actually slower than JV now? He's becoming a better passer but early on he was the only guy taking every shot he was given. Sort of wished we didn't spend the $20M, but c'est la vie.

    JV - A: He's been on fire this year. He's faster, smarter. He's passing and rolling. We've had some big JV games and moments, and he doesn't seem like he's slowing down much. Loved the contrast between how he played against Boston early in the year and then again a few weeks back.

    VanVleet - A: Most impactful player from our bench which has been amazing. He's steady and knows how to make the right play most of the time. Hope we can bring him back next year.

    Wright - C: I don't think he's improved much, which isn't a bad thing. He's the same guy he's been just playing more. He's taking and making 3's which is great.. just needs to be more comfortable taking those.

    Powell - F: The lightning rod that helped us against the Bucks and the Pacers is gone. So many dumb plays through out the year. He's been better lately, but he's hardly ever going to get any minutes in this rotation. Pretty sad to see Powell be this bad. That extension is going to hurt.

    Miles - C: Exactly what I thought we would get from him. A streaky shooter that plays passable defense.

    Siakam - B: He's not as erratic as he was last year, and maybe that's because he's playing with Poeltl and FVV as opposed to JV and Kyle. Needs to hit those 3's though. Still one of our best defenders. His energy can be contagious.

    Poeltl - C: Again about what I thought he would be in his second year. Smart and crafty. Still can't hit free throws. And still fouls a lot. But he's been good on the bench. Still not ready to be a starter though (in my opinion).

    Nogueira - C: Just meh. I mean he was meh last year too though. Good kid though. Hope he has a career in the NBA. Needs to figure out how to rebound the ball without getting stripped or turning it over.

    Casey - A: Have to include the coach as well. The hockey line up and sticking with it early on was tough to watch but its' worked out in spades. Our bench mob love playing the right way and Casey is a big reason why. I think the guys like playing for him, which wasn't always the case a few years back. Benching guys like Serge when they don't have it is a huge improvement. He's playing JV in the 4th. He's not really screwing up the rotation much (give or take maybe one or two games). Needs to improve his play calling in the clutch though. And he knows that's an issue so can't really complain much.


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      Lowry - A
      DeRozan - A
      Anunoby - B
      Serge - B
      JV - A
      VanVleet - A
      Wright - A
      Powell - D
      Miles - B
      Siakam - B
      Poeltl - B
      Nogueira - INC

      They've already won 40 games. I think a lot of the grades in these posts here are way, way too harsh. The only player on the team who is performing below expectations is Powell and that's only because he was so great in the playoffs last year. Everyone else is either exceeding or meeting expectations.

      I'm glad some of you guys aren't evaluating me for how I get paid - I'd be broke.


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        Based on expectations heading into the season, with no half-grades.

        Lowry - B
        DeRozan - A
        Anunoby - B
        Ibaka - C
        Valanciunas - A

        VanVleet - A
        Wright - B
        Powell - D
        Miles - C
        Siakam - B
        Poeltl - B
        Bebe - D

        Basically it comes down to this:
        - much better than expected --> JV, Anunoby and VanVleet
        - better than expected --> DeRozan, Wright, Poeltl and Siakam
        - worse than expected --> Lowry, Ibaka and Miles (all declines due to age?)
        - much worse than expected --> Powell and Bebe
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