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Game #63: Atlanta Hawks 90 - Toronto Raptors 106

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    "Gah, if only Sonny Weems had hit his last jumper!" No, there was never a chance.

    It's actually the worst kind of loss when a team can coast against you for 3/4 of a game then turn it on for just a few minutes and win comfortably.
    Well, it's part of being a rebuilding team, though. The Sixers are in the playoffs and are still going through the issue of not being able closing out games. I actually give the Hawks a lot of credit: they played really hard last night and made life as tough as they could for Toronto.


    • So I rewatched much of the game, and yeah Lowry wasn't a guy who earns $30 million. On the plus side, he did look to set up his teammates, including a couple of nice pocket passes to JV and Yak. He moved the ball, didn't dribble the hell out of it and never turned it over. He did try to fight through screens and I still don't agree with the foul he ended up getting the tech.

      The negatives - more than a couple of stupid fouls. He did too much jogging in transition, the one time he really busted his ass getting back he ended up with the flagrant. Did a lot of standing around in the corner or wing after getting rid of the ball and let DD and others initiate a lot of the offence, ( although he made a few cuts - JV found him on one). He couldn't hit a 3, but on the plus side, didn't keep jacking them up either.
      If we knew half as much about coaching an NBA team as we think, we"d know twice as much as we do.