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    Scraptor wrote: View Post
    But Zach Lowe has written and talked a ton about us the past few years.

    This article included the fundamental question about our core:

    This one was more critical (and more after the fact):

    If a team is winning, writers almost always focus on positives during the season, lest they risk backlash or lose access.

    It's only during brief playoff post-mortems where they can show how the regular season formula failed, because those factors are supported by recent concrete evidence.

    We on the forums have been saying the same things for years because we don't have those issues.

    Anyway it's great to see some laudatory articles. Hope we can keep this momentum going strong all the way through into the playoffs.
    The 1st article was skeptical much more than critical. The postmortem definitely critical. And that fundamental question Lowe asked, well even with the wholesale changes in our offence, still has to be answered. My opinion is that our offence can't beat Clevelands offence. The big question will be our defence. That's what will make or break us.
    If we knew half as much about coaching an NBA team as we think, we"d know twice as much as we do.


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      golden wrote: View Post
      Don't jinx it, man. lol. Jinx threads are the rage this season on this board.
      We're really good though.


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        Imagine how good the bench unit will be when Pascal finally figures out the three


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          Very fair comments from the Countdown crew -
          "We're playing in a building." -- Kawhi Leonard


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              The Lowe Post. Zach's with his in-laws in Toronto, I'm guessing. Just about to start this up.

              Talkin' Toronto
              Zach talks to Eric Koreen of The Athletic and Bruce Arthur of the Toronto Star about all things Raptors, the Eastern Conference and more.
              If we knew half as much about coaching an NBA team as we think, we"d know twice as much as we do.


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                Shtuff about Ush. The bold sentence is for you chicken littles of early season losses


                The onus, as ever, falls on DeRozan, far and away the most tenured Raptor in franchise history. From the bleak years of mediocrity through these high times for the franchise, DeRozan has served as an apt one-size-fits-all vector for the team’s identity. His archaic style of play was the refinery that kept the dinosaur-pun wing of the basketball media-industrial complex in business. His outright refusal over the past three seasons to shoot the 3-ball, even in postseason do-or-die situations, signaled that the team’s overall dynamic could not change until he did. It looks like he has. The question of whether these Raptors are legit might be too obtuse to answer in any meaningful way —the paradox will keep the team in its bind for the next four months. The loss against the surging Thunder doesn’t help. But if the regular season for Toronto is simply a process of adapting to a different style of play, both the progress and results appear to be worth buying stock in.

                If you’re still skeptical, wait a month. Should trends hold, we’ll learn a lot about where this team stands by then.
                It's Klaw Season. Time to hunt.


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                  Sports Illustrated just compared us to the Grizzlies of a few years ago, so I guess the "We are Mike Conley" wasn't too far off. Haha


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                    That SI article comparison to Memphis is well done. I'd say there are some differences:

                    --obviously the raps play in the east. If Steph curry got hurt in 2016 the Grizzlies likely wouldn't be the favourite to go to the finals. ( Thunder, Spurs, Clips etc) If Lebron goes down there isn't a clear favourite but the raps are right there. I'd suggest the Raps path to the finals has fewer teams in the way than Memphis in 15-16.

                    --Raps have more young pieces. OG, Delon, Siakim, Powell make me feel more warm and fuzzy than Memphis's youth.

                    --The Raps are so deep they have assets to use in a potential trade to keep the good times rolling. The Lowe Post podcast this week with Koreen and Arthur spent some time on this and I think it's really interesting. What does JV, Norm, Siakim and a pick get you if a star demands a trade? How the tear down / transition of this Raps team happens is very very fascinating. I agree we're not the 04 Pistons but does Masai have the assets to move on from this core without tearing it down? This summer could be either the most boring (no FA and no picks) or the most exciting in memory.


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                      ESPN panel on the Raptors

                      I don't know how to post a video here, but I saw a video on RealGM where the ESPN panel(Beadle, Rose, Pierce and Billups) were discussing about why nobody's talking about the Raptors.

                      Billups responded that because nobody see them play. That is true, I don't think the Raptors have played a single game this year on ESPN or TNT. But if you really want to watch them play and if you're curious about them then you can always watch them play the League Pass right? I don't think these guys know a single Raptors players except for DeRozan and Lowry.

                      Second, I hate the fact that they talk about the Celtics like they're in the same level as the Cavs. The Raptors in my opinion are a better team than the Celtics.

                      Lastly, DeMar DeRozan in my opinion is one of the elite players in the NBA. But I don't think he gets the same kind of star recognition like the other star players do. The TV Networks controls everything. They hype up whoever they want to hype up like Lonzo Ball for example. But forget Lonzo for a minute, I think Kyle Kuzma is actually more popular in the States than DeRozan.


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                        Viewers = money for networks. American viewers are interested in American teams so those are the ones they watch. No conspiracy needed to explain any of that. When you look at the regional markets for LA, NY, Boston, Dallas etc. They are much larger than the cities population. Raptors can have the whole country of Canada watching them but it does nothing for ESPN viewership and consequently it does nothing for how much ESPN can charge advertisers for commercial time.


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                          I was gonna make a post about their discussion in the game thead. The tone was fairly alarming in how dismissive we are in general. Yes they called up as a good team, underrated etc. But chauncey talking about us like we're the least watched team of the 30. Derozan may be a star now but he doesn't have the shine if an irving or lebron. Then basically saying "the conference finals would be their championship, they'd be over the moon"

                          Kinda made me feel a little existential. Whats the point of enjoying all this winning really? They'd never in a million years allow this team in the finals.
                          It's Klaw Season. Time to hunt.


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                            Never watch those talking head shows and don't really give a fuck what they think. Don't feel better when posters say they've praised us and don't feel worse when posters say they've dismissed us.
                            If we knew half as much about coaching an NBA team as we think, we"d know twice as much as we do.


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                              Fuckin show up in the playoffs and don't get blown out EVERY OTHER GAME. Thay's how you gain respect.

                              I saw the clip that everyone's talkin bout. I just want to say, remember when the Raps where honouring past players 2 years ago? That piece of shit Jalen Rose was one of the guys they honored. I've always wondered why. He was a shitty player for the Raptors. Nothing but a stat padder. And all he does these days is trash the Raptors on ESPN.
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                                The raps aren't considered a threat to make the Finals, and rightfully so. Most of these guys on the networks don't even believe that the Celts can really challenge the Cavs, and rightfully so. Both the Celts and the Raps are gonna have to prove it in the playoffs that they are a serious threat to the Cavs. If the Raps do that, they will get more exposure in the US. Those networks cater to the American market, and Americans don't give a rats ass about the Raptors, and won't until they perceive the team as being a contender, a serious contender. Most bball fans south of the border wouldn't consider watching the Raps unless they are playing their team. Thats the limited exposure they are getting down south. And thats fine, as most teams in the league are in the same boat, outside of the few franchises that have far reaching fan bases, and we know who they are.