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Game #78: Toronto Raptors 96 - Boston Celtics 78

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  • Game #78: Toronto Raptors 96 - Boston Celtics 78

    This is the most important game to this point in the year. No doubt about it.

    We all know what's at stake. Let's take that #1 spot in the East by the short and curlies.

    Looking for the boys to get things back on track.

    Need Kyle to remember what level of basketball we're talking about here. This ain't NCAA.

    Need Demar to release the Kraken.

    Need the Bench Mob to Mob.

    Need Serge to.... not get T'd up and ejected.

    Need JV to see some time in the fourth.

    Need Case to not Case.

    Culture change from the last month. NOW. FIGURE IT OUT.

    Help me OG Anunoby. You're my only hope.


    FIRST THE GOOD GUYS!!!!!!!!!!

    VS. ----- THE SHITHEADS!!!!!

    ps.. Boston sucks green D's

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      That is quite the bold thread title
      The name's Bond, James Bond.


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        Great title lol


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          I guess we're going all out kamikaze for this one

          I'm in!
          OG is our king


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            Bucks beat 'em tonight.

            2nd night of a b2b for both teams, no excuses. Raptors are at home & better win, it's that simple.
            "We're playing in a building." -- Kawhi Leonard


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              See this is the kind of effort we need to get back on track.

              Great job OP.


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                S.R. wrote: View Post
                Bucks beat 'em tonight.

                2nd night of a b2b for both teams, no excuses. Raptors are at home & better win, it's that simple.
                Thanks Janice.

                Oops. I mean Giannis.

                Now take care of the rest, you beautiful, bewildering veloci-bitches.

                Believe in yoselves.


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                  Let's take this one. Want to see the players and coaching staff go all out. This game decides whether they can coast to the first seed or are in a dog fight for the rest of the season. Let's put them in their place

                  Strategically, I'm interested to see what Casey does to counter Boston's big bench units. Maybe more Powell tomorrow? Maybe a little extra OG with the bench?


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                      This game will probably decide who gets the 1 seed
                      The name's Bond, James Bond.


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                        Scraptor wrote: View Post
                        See this is the kind of effort we need to get back on track.

                        Great job OP.

                        That is some trippy-ass shit.



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                          It would be nice if the Raps can win their remaining 5 games to close the East with 60 wins and come out with a bit of confidence and swagger before the playoffs.


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                            For some strange reason, I'm feeling a good NORM showing down this stretch. I have absolutely no basis for this. More of a wish than anything else. The craving of a hero this team needs right now.

                            The antithesis of playoff/spotlight fear, oh how I wish he's just hiding in the bush biding his time...Breaking through that zone bullshit from boston with no fear. Massive transition dunks, locked down defensive stances, timely 3's with nothing but net... I know he's in there somewhere.

                            Come back to us buddy


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                              Not sure what the strategy will be tomorrow. Serge is on a B2B so will be mainly ineffective probably. We're at home which is a good thing. Even if we don't play well we still seem to come out on top.

                              Just have to handle the Boston defense. Who knows which Celtic will have a career night. It's always some random player on that team that kicks our ass.