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The truth about 50+ wins seasons in todays nba

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  • The truth about 50+ wins seasons in todays nba

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    Doesn't need a thread.

    It's Klaw Season. Time to hunt.


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      grindhouse wrote: View Post
      I know how much everyone loves stats so here is some truth for you all.

      The raptors are a middle of the road team!

      What? how you say, they won 59 games and 50 + games for the last few seasons. Well let’s break it down...

      Tanking has become a thing in the nba where teams are fighting to lose the most games for a higher draft pick. So let’s say the bottom 10 teams are tanking we play everyone at least twice a year 4 times if they are in our conference. If we avg that out that’s 20 -30 free wins! Now if you do the math that makes us a 40ish win team. Which becomes apparent by our lack of success in the post season.
      This year there were 6 50 win teams. And 9 50 loss teams.
      Last year there were 8 and 8.
      The year before, 6 and 7.

      In 2009-10, there were 12 and 10.
      In 2000-01, there were 10 and 9.
      In 1995-96, there were 7 and 8.

      The reality is, there are fewer extreme good and extreme bad teams now than there have been for decades, harkening back to the 90's. There have always been really bad teams, and every not bad team has had free wins given to them because of that. The intent to tank is of little import. Parity is indeed pretty garbage in the league right now - but it has also basically always been garbage.


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          Can you name the 10 teams that are not just bad teams, but that are tanking ie TRYING to lose games and therefore handing the Raptors win? And how do you explain some bad teams that have decent records against good teams? Wouldn't those games be easier to throw?

          I'd buy that the Raptors (or Cleveland or Boston) get some extra wins becuase there are some horrible teams in the East but not because they are all tanking.


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            Only 5 more months of this


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              Rudy Bargnani wrote: View Post
              Only 5 more months of this
              Maybe I am one of MU burner accounts lmao


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                What do you want us to do about it? We know this team isn't championship material.

                This would be like shouting at your son after a basketball game and telling him he will never be like Lebron.