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    Defensively, how do Achiuwa and Birch compare? No evidence to back it up, but I have this impression of Birch being "soft" on defense in comparison.
    Eye test Birch is more solid on the glass, less likely to get bodied in the post and gambles less. Birch also isnt that good in the pick and roll. He just drops and drops and drops and leave the floater/ mid range wide open to the guard.

    Precious can get backed down and has been rebounded over by guys with more length/ bigger arms. But he is really good at switching and can legitimately stay in front of guards on switches and force a tougher shot if they want to take them 1 on 1.

    Precious seems more suited for the style we want to play, but birch is more solid/what we need from a center in crunch time when extra possessions are key
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    • Finally..he said it, what I've been preaching..since the season started. This team is soft, no desire to compete, uninspiring ,selfish, to much of I in the team, not enough of We as team. It's frustrating to watch, imagine if had to coach these little kids, grow up.
      Also u got guys who are on the side lines with the little boo boos..not playing, bc they little pain, all these guys should be playing, there soft..I think that's what also Nurse was implying, just little digs at the team. Achiuwa soft, Byrch soft, sorry I love OG..this guy never plays full season, so yeah his soft. The roster is to young, the bench sucks, no veterans..I really think Nick really hates this roster, he really despise a lot of guys who don't buy in and don't play the raptors way or even don't want 2 play and suit up, even if your not 100 percent. No one is 100 percent in the nba, everyone plays hurt, but for some reason u got some of these guys who love to look pretty and love 2 collect money and stay on the sidelines.
      Culture is changing and Nick sees that, so better get ahead this, before it gets to late.
      This is on u Masai, time for you to step up and get some veteran and good quality bench players for coach Nurse, a lot lack of leadership in this group.
      Go get a quality Center and a backup pg.
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      • I tend to agree with the maniacal Dr. Lecter on this one. Raps are a soft team. We lost ibaka, Marc, Kyle, even swapping Norm for Trent. There's nobody I'd wanna take into a street fight with me. Nobody gets mad at opposing players. I prefer my team to have at least one enforcer and a few guys that get super greasy on the court. Fred gets a little greasy but I don't see it enough out of this roster.

        The length and the talent is there but that IT hasn't emerged yet. That swagger.
        It's Klaw Season. Time to hunt.


        • that's how he won damn near everywhere
          Only one thing matters: We The Champs.