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  • octothorp wrote: View Post
    Memphis up big on Detroit, holding a solid double-digit lead. Charlotte up on Cleveland by double-digits too. Things are suddenly looking much tighter for Detroit.
    Bruno's "Casey cut me" revenge game. lol.


    • well going into the last day of season we still have 3 potential first round opponents. I kinda want to beat the pistions but now that blake is hurt i can just see casey after a 4 game sweep. "Well we only lost cause we wernt healthy, we beat them 3-0 in the regular season and if we were at full strength we would have won the series, i shut down lebron james with J.J barea. Reggie Jackson coulda have shut down kawhi if we were healthy" So ill take the Nets as my preferred matchup.
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      • I want the Pistons SO BAD. What needs to happen for the Pistons to finish 7th?
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        • not sure what I would prefer... detroit to miss altogether or watching dipshit Casey get blown out and pull out Dirk/Carlisle's championship ring again.

          Hard to imagine detroit losing to NYK in a meaningful game though.


          • The Great One wrote: View Post
            I want the Pistons SO BAD. What needs to happen for the Pistons to finish 7th?
            The only way Raptors gets the Pistons is if Brooklyn wins (beats Miami), Orlando loses (to Charlotte), and Detroit wins (beats NY).

            If Charlotte wins, and Detroit loses than Charlotte gets the 8th seed. So Charlotte needs to win.

            Brooklyn is the weird one. Neither them or Miami have much to play for.


            • So, what's RR's playoff rotation going to look like?
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              • hotfuzz wrote: View Post
                So, what's RR's playoff rotation going to look like?
                Not sure if you mean our opinion on a Raptor playoff rotation or who starts the game threads, but I tried to answer the far more important of those two questions in the last game thread, in this post (updated for inthepaint's win last night):

                DanH wrote: View Post
                OK, so here's the game thread performance this year.
                GT Starter Wins Losses Win%
                inthepaint 2 0 1
                Scraptor 9 2 0.818182
                Trex 9 2 0.818182
                Jclaw 8 2 0.8
                bertarapsfan 7 2 0.777778
                consmap 6 2 0.75
                MixxAOR 8 3 0.727273
                Joey 2 1 0.666667
                KeonClark 2 1 0.666667
                DanH 1 1 0.5
                Zainab 1 1 0.5
                007 1 1 0.5
                Maury 2 2 0.5
                007 1 1 0.5
                planetmars 0 1 0
                Demographic Shift 0 1 0
                Goldblum 0 2 0

                inthepaint is obviously in for a game 1 start if he wins - can't be breaking that win streak - and drops into that middle mess of .500 teams if he loses.

                We've got some obvious big hitters here: Scraptor and JClaw both had incredible years. Same goes for bertarapsfan, consmap and MixxAOR.

                TRex was basically unbeatable, except that at the end of his 2nd win streak, he failed to even create a game thread, leading directly and irrefutably to a loss. That loss is assigned to TRex above (showing how dominant he was when he actually started a thread). I'm conflicted here. Can TRex be trusted with playoff game threads? I'd say no... But in the spirit of load management, is the performance when he does play more important than the game he didn't show up for? Maybe TRex should be our ace in the hole - break glass in case of emergency, about to be eliminated option.

                If the playoffs go as deep as we all hope (and we don't just sweep every series), we've got a few other smaller sample solid performers to fall back on as the occasional losses pile up. Joey and Keon both had good records in a few games, and then basically anyone else who got a win can step in (sorry Demo, planetmars and Goldblum, it just can't be risked).


                • Last day of the season and there still a lot of permutations on who finishes where....
         breaks them all down... Try as I might I can't replicate the table here.....So here is the URL

                  So for those who want to play Brooklyn you are cheering for the Heat tonight.....If the Nets lose they finish 7th as long as Caseys heroes beat the Knicks.
                  For those that want to play Orlando...then you cheer for the beat the Heat....

                  Out West its still a wild race for seeding...
                  Denver almost threw a game against Portland in the hopes that they would be in a position to play Portland in the second round rather than Houston... and it could pay off.... Anyone can finish anywhere...How crazy is it.... Houston was up on OKC and with a win would have finished 2nd seed. But they lost by a point and could finish 4th.

                  Again a table on all the scenarios is in URL below...
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                  There's no such thing as a 2nd round bust.
                  - TGO


                  • Demo, here are the charts (created image clips so it's easier to paste here for all to see):


                    • As long as there's wings and beer, I don't care who we face. It's the greatest time of the year people!


                      • Fearless predictions for tonight:

                        Miami win: Heat will play hard to get Wade a win in his last game + the Nets don't want to get anybody hurt
                        Charlotte win: Hornycats are desperate and the Magic also don't want to get anybody hurt
                        Detroit win: Pistons are even more desperate and the Knicks have been playing G-league guys recently

                        So...... MIA(W) + CHA(W) + DET(W) =


                        • All I can say is go charlotte go charlotte go. I like that one where we face Orlando, and Detroit gets knocked clean out. I think we handle Orlando with ease. Charlotte cause everybody counted them out even a week ago, would be an amazing push, especially looking back at those 2 Raptor wins
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                          • LJ2 wrote: View Post
                            As long as there's wings and beer, I don't care who we face. It's the greatest time of the year people!
                            Agreed! I get roped in and feel like a kid every April, 10x more when Raptors are good..

                            Ngl I follow hockey too. Theres NOTHING like this opening round, opening week, opening's like April madness for pro sports fans. 6 to 8 games a day, each day, of pure unadulterated competition..
                            9 time first team all-RR, First Ballot Hall of Forum


                            • I agree that the most likely outcome would be Nets L - Magic L - Det W...leading us to play the Nets. Brings back the karma of the old russian Nets losing the last game of the season to face us in the playoffs. But here's a thought from the Nets blog about why they might want to face the 76ers instead



                              • Blake is not looking good at all right now. Whoever gets the Pistons (assuming they make it) should be able to feast on them. I still think the Magic are the toughest of the bottom dwellers.. Isaac is just too long/quick for Siakam. Hoping to avoid them, but really it doesn't matter.

                                I'm worried because I'm a Raptor fan.. but this is by far the best team we've ever had.. with the most top end talent we've ever had. And without Lebron James laying a whoop ass on our team.