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Preseason game 3: Melbourne united @ toronto raptors - oct 5, 2018, 7pm et

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  • Hotshot wrote: View Post
    Damn season hasn't even started.

    S.R. wrote: View Post
    Phoenix as a franchise has become very Sacramento-esque. Just a mess.
    He didn't just get fired. McDonough should have been fired a couple years ago. Just look at his CV...The Suns under his watch starting in 2013 have had

    --- 12! 1st round draft picks with 4 of them in the top 5 and one was 1st overall and they STILL SUCK!!

    --- He went through 5 Head coaches in 6 years

    --- He traded Goran Dragic for Justin Hamilton and a washed up Danny Granger and two first rounders.. one of them turned into Marquis Chriss who he just unloaded for nothing to Houston.

    -- He traded Ishiah Thomas AND A FIRST for Brandon Knight

    ---- He traded his entire bench to Detroit for cap space before getting a commitment and didn't sign Lamarcus Aldridge.

    ---- The jury is still out on how much of an impact his 1st overall pick is going to have in the league. He went safte and drafted a guy whose position is becoming less and less relevant in the way the game is being played. Ayton may be good but after seeing Doncic play in preseason it might be clear that McDonough whiffed again.

    --- The Suns never made the post season. Got close one year.. but never made it.

    And the realization in the desert is that they still suck and will still be in the lottery again next year.....and likely the year after that. I mean what took so long to whack this guy ?

    The celebration by Phoenix fans should be pagan. It should go on for 3 days and nights and there will be no liquor left in Scottsdale or Phoenix.
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    • Hotshot wrote: View Post
      Damn season hasn't even started.

      Literally straight after his appearance in OpenCourt, funny, probably related as well.
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      • They should hire BC lol


        • saints91 wrote: View Post
          They should hire BC lol
          And his wife too