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    There was a fast break after a steal where Kawhi and Siakam were 2 on 1 against a defender. The defender had no chance either way, but Kawhi fed Siakam for the basket. He wasn't forced to do that, Kawhi did it just because he wanted to. There were at least two other times where Kawhi might have taken the ball in, himself, but he dished off to Siakam for the basket. Things like that tell a story. Kawhi has a high awareness level for Siakam.
    Great point. Lowry made a play like that vs. CLE; dumped it off to Kawhi rather than taking an open layup. The shot for Kawhi ended up being harder and contested, but that shows there's an on-court awareness of trying to get someone going.

    Pascal vs. DET, prior to that dump-off by Kawhi, was quiet and uninvolved (granted, it was the first quarter). It led to a number of good things and Siakam made his presence known after that. Got his rhythm going.


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      Nilanka wrote: View Post

      This is a new level of trolling lol