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Dec 15th is almost here! Who are you interested in for the Raps?

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    Scraptor wrote: View Post
    This is why I never understood why everyone was so excited about adding him, he has been inconsistent his whole career. He has had one season in the NBA of shooting over 40% from three and is a career 36% three point shooter. That is barely better than the league average of 35% this year.

    That said.... Do we really need a shooting specialist? I doubt it. We have the potential for decent shooting/spacing across Kyle/Danny/Kawhi/Pascal/Ibaka. If we want shooting I'd prefer to go after a serious talent over more role players. If Beal isn't available maybe you look at someone like CJ McCollum if you can stomach his shitty defense.
    I think we do. Only Green and Lowry have the quick trigger and can do damage on catch and shoot in our team. I think we need another. You can never have enough 3 point shooting
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      This thread pops off after a loss. Fred vanvleet is a good pro. Miles is our 11th man. I dont see a desperate need to start flipping shit, we're on track to win 64 games with this bunch of losers
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      It's Klaw Season. Time to hunt.


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        Fury wrote: View Post
        The Suns BADLY need a PG. ...
        Not to tank, they don't. I think they're in the hunt for Zion, or whoever.

        BTW, I'd trade you Belinelli for a twenty dollar bill (U.S.) and a bag of dog food.


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            Fury wrote: View Post
            I'm not going to stop talking about this guy: TREVOR ARIZA.

            The Suns BADLY need a PG. Offer them Vleet + anyone not named Siakam, Ibaka, JV, Lowry, Green and Kawhi.
            I could see the sun doing fvv for a Ariza but we would still need another pg
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