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CBC Sports: 5 best wins in Raptors regular season history

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  • CBC Sports: 5 best wins in Raptors regular season history

    CBC Sports piece on 5 greatest regular season wins in Raptors history

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    Aren't you really Peter Mansbridge?


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      Cool You work at CBC! Nice list thanks!


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        Mansbridge was ok. Nash was King though. Frum was good. Mesley bad. New format is ok


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          This was a great win in terms of:

          - How low the probability was, 2nd night of a B2B in Oracle? Without Kawhi? Everything else aside, that's a schedule loss right there.
          - This is the best Raptors team ever and they played some of their best basketball last game. They were just clicking all over the court for the full 48 minutes and it was a ton of fun to watch.
          - The opponent was an arguably GOAT top 5 team, some argue #1
          - It was a blowout and the Raps didn't just win, they crushed GS's spirit which almost never happens. That team smashes through double digit deficits like a football team running through paper in the tunnel, but on this night GS was just broken. Hilariously deflated body language.

          The one thing thing (and I think it's a pretty big one) is that the Raps, for whatever reason, did not take GS's best shot that game. GS was flat. They missed several open 3's that they would usually make, some at key points that could have swung momentum for them. This team makes those shots and swings momentum like that ALL THE TIME. But last game those shots just rimmed out. Good defence is good defence, but the Raps also caught some good luck.

          That's a bit different than taking a team's best shot, hitting back, and winning (like Vince vs. AI). That scenario would have probably taken this to #2 all time behind beating the 72 win Bulls.
          "We're playing in a building." -- Kawhi Leonard


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            I would have picked a different Bucks game.

            One of my personal favorites is still the 124-82 trouncing of the Bucks on November 21, 2014.

            Bruno hit 2 three's as well.


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              Holy shit that was 4’years ago? 😂


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                Yuri Gagarin wrote: View Post
                Holy shit that was 4’years ago? ��
                That was our 12th game of the 2014-2015 season. That was when we knew something special was brewing. It was the first season after the Rudy Gay trade.

                Unfortunately everything went to hell in the second half of that season. But that game was loads of fun.


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                  Jclaw wrote: View Post
                  Aren't you really Peter Mansbridge?
                  Lol I thought the same thing. And all his posts are serious journalism
                  It's Klaw Season. Time to hunt.