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GAME #33 Indiana Pacers @ Toronto Raptors - Wednesday, December 19, 2018 7:30 PM ET on TSN

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  • Still watching the game on demand delon Kawhi green pascal og good damn the defence!!!!!!


    • Trade Lowry we don’t need him great win great defence. As jack said and I having been saying in the playoffs everything slows down we have to win every possession in the half court


      • Mitch P wrote: View Post
        Yup...that play plus the tie up plus the clutch free throws. You could also see during the last few time outs that Green was providing vocal leadership. A role player perhaps but a role we sorely need on a team prone to panicking at the end.
        Binge-watched most of this season’s Open Gym the other day and was interested to hear Danny talking about his days as a high school quarterback. And how he chose his NBA jersey number, 14, cause it was always given to the guy in his home town who people relied upon to be the leader in the clutch. What we saw at the end of the game was leadership — and championship fucking pedigree.

        I still can’t believe this guy could be argued to have been ”the toss-in.”

        Thank you Raptor Jesus.


        • grindhouse wrote: View Post
          Trade Lowry we don’t need him great win great defence. As jack said and I having been saying in the playoffs everything slows down we have to win every possession in the half court
          I’m sorry... maybe you didn’t watch 85% of that game?

          But yeah. Nice win.


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            • Under control



              • tDotted wrote: View Post
                Lmao... thanks for posting that.

                I can’t believe he tried that against Myles Turner...

                And Danny Green was WIDE OPEN in the corner for 3.

                hahahahahahahha ... jokes


                • GOLDBLUM wrote: View Post

                  Poor Demar


                  • Would like to see more Boucher (...though not at the expense of any more injuries, obviously.)

                    Someone on the quick reaction page sort of mentioned it... Boucher could slot into the Siakam spot on the bench, as far as a lot of what Pascal can bring to the floor. A bench 5 of FVV, Delon, OG, Boucher and JV? I like the possibilities there. Norm and CJ ... well.. they can go.... daddy.


                    • Can one of you younger tech savvy guys vine the Lorenzo brown dunk attempt in slow motion to “I believe I can fly”
                      Kind of like the bargnani dunk attempt fail.

                      I won’t get any work done today unless this happens. Lol


                      • Hard to believe that the Raptors came away with a win from that ongoing compilation of boneheaded plays, futility infused shooting and communication empty defensive effort. Thank God for Kawhi and the beneficent smile of Raptor Jesus. Finally the refs screw up a call that benefits Toronto. How appropriate on a night when the team played hard and seemed unable to do anything right.

                        I thought the Pacers played well. And the Raptors had some good to great one on one D. All in all I think they stole a win. Glad it's over.

                        I guess if you wanted to gild a stinker, you could say the guys came through in the end. And they showed grit, determination and team effort on a night when they were missing three big pieces of their rotation. But I hope I don't have to go through that many continuous instances of frustration again for a while.

                        How about 3 or 4 easy wins in a row?


                        • I honestly thought Nurse was waving the white flag when Lorenzo Brown came into the game lol man was a difference maker (minus that horrible dunk attempt)


                          • I loved seeing Green, OG, Kawhi and Siakam on the floor together. They can switch on pretty much anyone. FVV with that group looked better than Delon. Looking forward to seeing a healthy Lowry with it. What they lack in Size they make up for in average length, quickness and grit.

                            That's a closing lineup!


                            • Truth Teller wrote: View Post
                              Poor Demar
                              DeMar is having a great season...perhaps his best, making $30M and in warm weather. I do not feel sorry for him.


                              • So some random observations post game after the "fuck yeah" adrenaline rush has subsided.

                                1. The win over Indy makes up for the Detroit loss... its a rationalization of course... but the Raps had the Return of the Case game by the throat until it inexplicably slipped away leaving the Raps wondering how they hell they lost... Same scenario here.. Except it was Indy that had the game won and then boarded the plane wondering how they hell they lost it.

                                2. A deeeeeep depth piece in Lorenzo Brown ..though there is some chiding of that dunk attempt... helped his team win a game last night. He may not be an everyday NBA player.. but he was last night.... and kick started the win.

                                3.Nick Nurse sticks up vocally for his players......He takes techs and pays fines for it when he rips poor jobs by the zeebras... Well last night we won a game with a no call with Ed Fucking Malloy on the floor and it wasn't against the Raps. It was clearly a foul. I can not so fondly remember games lost late by no calls from the same crews ... MLSE has deep pockets. Keep speaking your mind Coach Nurse.

                                4. Some one... i think golden called it during the game but Danny Green is the pros pro. He easily canned both FT at the line under pressure like he was turning over the car to go to the office on a tuesday morning in May.

                                5.Yes Kawhi Leonard loses the ball on the floor off the dribble in traffic more than I thought possible... but when late game must have shots go up there is far far more confidence they are going in than not with number 2......

                                6.Just like the NHL can't have enough defensemen... and MLB can't have enough pitching...the Raps need some more consistent 3 point shooting.... Heroic comebacks are nice.. but they can't be the game to game strategy....

                                The Cavs then the Hinkies before Christmas...
                                Last edited by Demographic Shift; Thu Dec 20, 2018, 10:48 AM.
                                And with the 4th overall pick the Toronto Raptors select..... Scottie Barnes.