That win was for Terrence.

We may be in the dog days of the season. Attention is slipping as nobody, including myself, noticed the last game thread date was for June. Keon, you're exempt.

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And you proved you actually read the post..which I rarely do for the game thread opener
Hopefully that's some foreshadowing of some June basketball for our Raps. But back to the matter at hand...the Indiana Pacers. So many ways to approach this. Maybe...

....nah, he's not playing


hmmmmm...not playing either

The well is running a bit dry here. Let's just say that the competition is getting stronger by the game. The Pacers have outpaced (see what I did there?) our last few opponents winning 7 of their last 10. Oladipo is back from injury and playing well. But the trouble could be with the bigs as Indy plays large with both Thad and Miles starting with Sabonis ready to jump off the bench. We have a big rotation of Pascal and Serge...and maybe Moose depending on your impression from the Kings game. But, when times are tough, and it looks like we might be bullied around by their front court, fear not...


Go Raps!