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Is trading Siakam+OG for Anthony Davis a good move or bad move?

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  • Is trading Siakam+OG for Anthony Davis a good move or bad move?

    This is all hypothetical since we don't know what the Pellies want for Davis. Or if Masai/Bobby would even want to trade Pascal/OG for a 1.5 year rental. Also don't forget Masai is a Jedi. He could hoodwink Demps into giving us AD for pennies on the dollar. I mean we didn't give up either for Kawhi in the summer.

    But let's go with the most likely scenario where to get AD we'd need to trade both these guys.

    Pascal is playing like an all-star (didn't make it but I'm sure it was close). He's in his 3rd year but is also already 24 years old. He's got 2 more years on a rookie contract (after this year) before he gets a big raise (most likely in the mid to high $20M mark.. probably not a max, but that could still be a possibility). But he'll also be an RFA.

    OG has regressed. Some of that could be because of his dad passing. It could be because of his role (he used to start, and now he's playing off the bench). At this point his ceiling seems to be a role player. Maybe someone like Aminu but his IQ needs a lot of polishing (OG is still only 21 years old). If he gets his 3pt shooting back to what it was like last year, he'd be coveted by most teams.. and could be useful on a rebuilding team. He's still a decent defender.

    Anthony Davis has made it clear. He wants to go to LA. He may consider NY but that could be coming from NY and not him. Davis wants Legacy and his agent is Rich Paul who's besties with Lebron James.

    If you consider Kawai most likely leaving at the end of the year. Davis is definitely leaving at the end of 1.5 years. I'd give it less than 1% chance that he stays in Toronto. Kawhi's motivation is family. Davis' is glory/fame. He's not getting glory/fame in Toronto. And Paul/Lebron would never want that who all seem to be controlling Davis behind the scenes.

    If we trade for Davis.. we will have a massive 1-2 punch on the team. Two of the best two-way talents to ever play the game. We wouldn't have to worry about facing guys like Embiid, Horford, Giannis or KD in the playoffs. We'd have two legit top 5 talent that can go toe to toe with those guys. We'd give GSW a hard time as well.. but would probably still not be considered the best team in the league on paper. We'd have a very short time to figure out chemistry which has been an issue all year.

    If we fail to get to the finals or win it all.. and Kawhi leaves we'd have the ability to flip Davis to LA and try to get some assets back for losing Siakam and OG.. but I would think the value of those assets would be a lot worse (especially if LA is the only team listening to offers). It could be like Colangelo getting a TPE and their protected pick back for Bosh. Is swapping Siakam/OG for a TPE worth it for a better shot at a championship right now?

    If we have to rebuild we'd basically have to do it from scratch with only a guy like Norm on the roster (and any players we can salvage from an AD flip). But we wouldn't have our best prospects we have right now on the team.
    Most definitely. What a stupid question!
    No way! Giving up Pascal for a rental is so dumb!

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    Yes. You're trading 2 role players for a top 5 talent. You can always replace role players, but you can't always get superstars. Also I am of the mindset that if Kawhi leaves, we may as well rebuild. Our team is too good to completely tank even without Kawhi.


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      Truth Teller wrote: View Post
      Yes. You're trading 2 role players for a top 5 talent. You can always replace role players, but you can't always get superstars. Also I am of the mindset that if Kawhi leaves, we may as well rebuild. Our team is too good to completely tank even without Kawhi.
      If Kawhi leaves we're definitely rebuilding (Lowry/Ibaka/JV will all be expirings). But I don't know if Pascal is a role player anymore. He's legit. Just needs more time.. Siakam will be a great player when he turns 28-29. Not a super star.. but a really good player in this league. Potentially top 20 player.

      Note: I would do this trade. Just playing Devil's advocate for the most part.


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        It’d be tough to lose Siakam. Period.

        And then if we lost both Siakam and OG - we lose a lot of size/length in our depth at that 3/4 tweener spot. (Of course Davis brings all that - he just always seems more like a C to me than a PF.)

        But with Siakam’s value steadily rising, my new thought/hope is that Masai could maybe move Pascal but keep OG. (It just seems like Pascal would absolutely have to be included.)

        So a package looking like:

        Norm (whos showing a lot of value right now and has some term)
        FVV or Wright
        And Serge or JV
        plus a pick or two.

        If you have to give up both Pascal and OG then I’d really want either Moore or Mirotic coming back on their side as well to help balance out that area.

        Pascal and OG (+++) is a lot for a player (granted a superstar) that everyone knows wants to be in LA. Hopefully Pels could give us the slightest of breaks to at least temporarily prevent AD from getting his linking-with-Lebron wish.
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          You do it, but you also gotta look at the framework of the whole deal. If they're both in (OG & Siakam), and they also want FVV, JV and multiple picks, they're not gonna get that. That's too steep for a 1.5 yr rental. Also gotta look at who else is coming from the Pelicans.

          Yes, he's a top 5ish player on this league, but no rental will harness massive returns when they're explicitly dead-set in not re-signing. Kawhi wasn't even as sure he'd go to LA as Davis seems, and yet the Spurs didn't get nearly as much as some of these crazy packages floating around for AD now.

          Bottom line is, if Siakam & Og are included, you're not gonna need to put a whole lot more in. If you do, you'd be getting fleeced. On the other hand, Davis is a top end talent, and this is an all-in year, so you bite the bullet and do it, as the probability of finding another Siakam on the draft is a lot higher than finding an Anthony Davis.

          The fact that this is not a "no-brainer" trade tells us this is one of those deals that are realistic, and can be good for both teams.
          2019 NBA Champions. Glad to have doubted the doubters.


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            I really hope Raps would give up FVV


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              I voted for the first one, but to be clear I don’t think it is a stupid question.

              Still, yes, you trade both guys and a pile more to get AD. Even with all the flight risk a couple seasons from now.

              I have various hopes when it comes to this potential deal. I don’t dare hope Siakam stays out of it. But for the sake of winning as much as possible this year, I hope OG is kept out of it (so we have a small PF on the roster), I hope JV is kept out of it (so we can shield Davis from big centres), and I hope we find a way to lotto protect any picks we send out. All of that would be a dream, 2 would be great, and even one would be better than expected.


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                Top seven talent for two playoff runs. You have two of the top seven guys in the league and they are the two best two way guys in the league. And you balk at that cause you have a guy who is going to be an all star maybe next year? Unless he regresses? Or tops out?

                Come on guys. Talk about overvaluing your own players.

                This doesn't even consider what effect on Kawhi's decision making having AD for another playoff run might have. You don't think KL might not say, "Let's give it another shot" and sign for one more year, just for a chance to have a full season with Davis.
                How often do superstars get to play together. Those two guys compliment each others games perfectly.


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                    it would likely also cost either JV or ibaka for salary purposes, plus our 2021 first and probably right to swap in 2020 and maybe even 2022.

                    it would decimate our depth and cost us every asset we have. and give us an excellent shot at becoming brooklyn 5 yrs ago aka the most hopeless spot a franchise can be.

                    it's not a risk i could stomach.

                    edit: another thing i’m not sure ppl are considering is that we have like 30 games to put it together, which is not a lot of time at all (we are still struggling with integrating kawhi).

                    not to mention we aren’t sure how kawhi would feel about it… would it even be a selling point for him this offseason? what if he wants his own team, as was widely reported last summer?
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                      Don't mind taking Solomon Hill back to get this done. Could actually use the depth at 3/4, although he hasn't been particularly good since he left Indiana.

                      My max offer would be:

                      To New Orleans:
                      Serge Ibaka (or JV)
                      Pascal Siakam
                      OG Anunoby
                      Fred VanVleet
                      Protected 2021 1st Round Pick

                      To Toronto:
                      Anthony Davis
                      Solomon Hill

                      My hope would be Masai could somehow get Mirotic out of the deal instead of taking Hill. That would be amazing.


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                        Ask Kawhi if he would stay for another year (2020) with Davis. If he would then abslutely, no brainer.
                        But I'm all in either way.
                        If Masai can somehow pull it off without including Pascal, make him Prime Minister right now.


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                          Pascal is amazing and hes such a good person it would be so sad BUT Im all in on seeing Kawhi and Davis in raptor uniforms


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                            Do not trade Pascal.