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Hey guys and gals,

We're running a, how should I say, pilot or beta version of our new Raptors Republic app. We haven't made it official as we're still trying to work out some bugs while improving the user interface. So, its not the final version so expect to see more changes over the next while.

Anyhow, please feel free to download. Available on both Android & iPhone. It's absolutely free.



If we could ask a favour though. We're welcoming feedback and suggestions on perhaps things you'd like to see. At the end of the day we're doing this for you guys by making everything here easier available for you the user. Please send your feedback (Regardless if its positive or negative) to

Thanks in advance and we hope you guys enjoy the application.
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Jonas Valanciunas appreciation thread

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  • Jonas Valanciunas appreciation thread

    This is to grieve (or celebrate) for one of the best teammates we've ever had. Loyal soldier, funny, productive as fuck.

    He'll always be our Lithuanian Lighting and adopted Canadian. Cant wait till your standing O. Good luck in Memphis.

    "Its been a long day, without you my friend, and I'll tell you all about when I see you again"

    It's Klaw Season. Time to hunt.

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    Gonna miss this guy. My favorite raptor since he arrived. Best of luck in Memphis!


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      I wish we could have seen more from you JV. Thank you for everything you've done
      The name's Bond, James Bond.


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        Best of luck in Memphis JV

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        "Both teams played hard my man" - Sheed


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          Good lad, gonna miss him. Wasaga Beach in April!


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            Farewell JV. You were a class act and I hope you wreck shit in Memphis.


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              I'm really hoping this deal proves not to be a mistake. I have... a lack of confidence in that being the case.

              Either way, though, best of luck to all three guys traded to MEM.


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                Man, am I going to miss this guy. Hope he beasts in Memphis.
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                "If it's unacceptable in defeat, it's unacceptable in victory." - Jeff Van Gundy


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                  I can remember tuning in to watch his games overseas after we drafted him but he couldn't come for a year. One of my favorite all time raptors. Always just went about his business/ Best of luck in Memphis JV!!


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                    Guy always played hard and never complained. Seemed like a good teammate. He also played some good playoff ball for them when other had letdowns. Good luck to JV. I think he'll do well with Conley in Memphis.


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                        Gonna miss JV, I hope he kills it out west.


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                          Nothing but respect for the big fella. Class act all the way. I think he is going to do well in Memphis. He went through years of not being used well by Casey. This year he was a +/- montster. Do well, except when you play against Toronto.


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                            I love you JV. Going to MISS you a lot
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                              OMG. Still so much potential. Good luck, big fella.