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Oh Chris, How You Hurt Us So

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  • Oh Chris, How You Hurt Us So

    Eventhough I kind of expected him to move on this summer, I do wish he dealt with this a little more professionally. Right now I kind of feel like our girlfriend (Bosh) just cheated on us and aired it out to the public just to rub our noses in it.. Apart of me feels slightly betrayed, which leads me to ask everyone here: Do you feel differently towards Bosh right now because of his actions last night?

    Great read from Bruce Arthur this morning. Calling it like it is .... a cry for desperation on Bosh's behalf.

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    Don't care

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    On a side note, perhaps this was some kind of joke courtesy of Bosh's buddy Hadi who I've heard is the one who Tweets for him for the most part. I wouldn't put it past him.


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      it didnt really change my opinion
      i think he just wanted know know what the fans thought
      its a w.e situation for me, im just waiting to see what we get for him


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        No retraction yet so it seems like a "legit" tweet. If so....

        For someone who allegedly treated his free agency seriously and professed that noone knew nor could influence him in his descision, this was a pretty immature (we forget how old he is) and rash moment with absolutely no upside to be achieved from any serious individual/fan interested in the vagaries of the NBA or the Raptors. In my view this furthers the suspicion that he is indecisive, seeks validation for important actions and hence lacking the main ingredient for a leader in ....anything.


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          Maybe I'm insensitive, I don't know, but his tweets didn't really bother me. It's been a few years now that I've been slowly leaning more and more towards the idea that Bosh could leave. Well, since then it's gone from "could" to "should". The Raptors aren't ready to accomplish anything in this league and he would be risking his prime years playing for a team who has done very little in 15 years and for a GM who employs a system that really has done nothing but fail. He should leave. Maybe he shouldn't do these tweets because it bothers some people but at the end of the day its good for him to leave and everyone will forget these couple playful one liners.

          My only hope is that Bosh does everything he can to allow all the fans, who have supported him to the very end, to get something substantial back in return so that he doesn't leave the void Vince Carter so selfishly left. Chris experienced that first hand and I don't think he wants to subject his former Raptor teammates or the fans to that.
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            The results of the poll make me feel much better about Raptor fans. After the LeBron thing, I was afraid that all Raptor fans were pre-menstral high school girls. Thankfully, that does not appear to be the case.
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              It hasn't affected me in any way. Reading into it deeper, maybe, just maybe he wants to see if Raptors fans really want him back. Judging by some of the non-supporters (or groans he might have heard when his face was on the big screen) during the last game against the Knicks, he probably just wants to know for his record. I dunno.

              That or he probably likes the attention he's getting. Maybe he's trying to get some attention up in Toronto. Who knows. The sooner the Raptors get things resolve, the sooner the Raptors can move on with or without him.
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                Chris Bosh dealt with impending free-agency professionally all year. He gave no answer when being asked the same question hundreds of times. He said he wouldn't discuss it until the season is over. Well, guess what - the season is OVER. This is a non-story if I have ever seen one. Its was a twitter post FFS, who gives a shit.


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                  i tweeted him back and said if you don't know where you're going why did you opt out? stop humoring us.

                  btw, i voted no, because i know what bosh is about and he likes to pull shit(we can say that right?) like that, he's just that type of dude. as we've all noticed and heard before.

                  he likes to play with your strings like a puppet master.
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                    4. Good, bad, or otherwise... I don't believe for one second that Chris Bosh is going to decide his future -- with or without the Raptors -- based on what folks on Twitter say.
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                      RPT23 wrote: View Post
                      That or he probably likes the attention he's getting. Maybe he's trying to get some attention up in Toronto. Who knows. The sooner the Raptors get things resolve, the sooner the Raptors can move on with or without him.
                      Well...knowing Raptors/Toronto sports fans the last thing they'll ever do is move on. Look at the Vince situation. They'll be crying like little high school girls who just got their heart broken for the first time and for years to come they'll be blaming Bosh for the perpetual mediocrity this team is and will be stuck in. There's already people blaming this season on Bosh, as if he really had anything to do with a weakass coach, lazy Euro trash players and rookies still riding the high life.


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                        He is such an