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Colangelo Won't Likely Be Able to Pull a Similar Deal

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    LBF wrote: View Post
    the same could be said about new york.

    but, the thing is the last few times they've coupled an all-star pf/c and an all-star sg, rings have been won.


    miami won a ring they dumped an aging all-star haven't been anywhere close to that good since.

    shaq may be winning another ring while wade watches his team tear through the playoffs at home.
    I think you're vastly undervaluing the supporting cast. I mean, just look at Boston and San Antonio. You left out two FInals MVPs!
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      Apollo wrote: View Post
      Guys you're undervaluing somethings. He won a championship in Miami and the management there ranks among the league's elite. When he showed up in Miami the team wasn't any better than it is now but Riley managed to make the moves to turn them into a contender. If I'm Wade I'm laying my chips down on the proven winner. Then there's the loyalty factor that comes into to play. He's been treated well, it's home to him. He's accomplished great things there. Why leave Riley now? It doesn't make sense to me. Most people don't jump ship on a good company, working a good job.
      In Wade's first season in Miami, he had Lamar Odom, Eddie Jones, Caron Butler, plus guys like Brian Grant and Udonis Haslem. I'd take that over the current Raptors squad, apart from Bosh. In the four seasons since they won a Championship, the only real big piece they've added is Michael Beasley, and it's doubtful he'll even be back.
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        The only really big move Riley ever made was acquiring Shaq and that is arguably one of the biggest trades in NBA history. They won a title with Shaq, but a core of Wade, Butler and Odom would have kept them consistently more competitive.

        If i'm Wade im waiting to mid July and giving the Heat a chance to make major moves, if they don't or can't then I go west via a S&T.

        In Riley's tenure since he had Wade what has he really done? I think Riley has taken advantage of Wade. He wasted two years of his prime and Beasely has not panned out early. Say what you want about BC, at least he has tried to surround Bosh with talent, Riley has been folding for two straight years, waiting for this summer to go all in.


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          Colangelo got the following from Atlanta in the Joe Johnson sign and trade
          • Boris Diaw -- a player entering his third season who had been a colossal failure up to this point. Only able to earn 18mpg on a 13 win team and was doing absolutely nothing with playing time (five points, two rebounds and two dimes). A bust.
          • Two protected future first round picks which became the #21 pick in 2006 and the #15 pick in 2008

          Seriously, what was so great about the Joe Johnson sign and trade trade package ... that Colangelo can't repeat it in a Bosh sign and trade?