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  • Lucky Number 13

    Assuming they don't win a top three pick, what do you want to see done with the pick? Should they keep it? Should they trade it? Who do you want them to draft? Who would you expect back in a trade?
    Keep it
    Trade it

    The poll is expired.

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    Rudy, Rudy, Rudy?

    Is Rudy Fernandez worth a 13th overall pick?

    Pritchard said guard Rudy Fernandez did not request a trade during an exit interview. Fernandez did express displeasure with his role on the team last season, though


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      I think there are far too many variables to decide right now, but to answer your last question, I think it's unlikely the Raptors are going to find anyone better than Fernandez at the 13th spot. The problem, though, is I'm not sure he's all that much better than the 3 SG's the Raptors have right now. If the Raptors are going to go after a SG, I think it needs to be an All-Star calibre one, otherwise, there's very little point.
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        Apollo wrote: View Post
        Is Rudy Fernandez worth a 13th overall pick?
        no thank you....

        but whiteside would be great at 13...


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          KEEP THE PICK
          it seems like we trade our picks every year.
          I like the draft, and i like watching players develop
          Only trade it if it means moving up in the draft


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            Apollo wrote: View Post
            Is Rudy Fernandez worth a 13th overall pick?

            i think he is, it would be good if we got him, i've seen what he can do and i think he'd be a lot better out of portland in a different role.

            i think the reason it seems like we trade our pick every year is because, when was the last time we had a second rounder or two picks in the draft?

            btw, you know, i'm not against keeping the pick because remember the who became the 17th overall pick who we could use right now that was supposed to be our pick? ya, that just makes the O'Neal trade an even bigger bust than it already is.
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              If Epke Udoh is available or if someone slips, keep the pick.

              Otherwise, I think trading down (to late teens, low twenties) and trying to pick up another asset has a lot of merit.


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                That's a good idea. A guy like Eric Bledsoe or Willie Warren may be available somewhere between 20-30. Either one of those guys would be a great pick in that range.


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                  They need a solid Center, I would keep the pick and grab Whiteside if he's still there. But stay the hell away from Rudy Fernandez, why in the world would we go for a sg when we have 2 pretty good young ones here who shoots way better (50% vs 38% fg). Anyhow I think the Raps need to focus on fixing the problem ( Turk and his lazy, outta shape ,pizza lovin, sprite drinking ass) Sorry bout the outburst.


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                    The only trade I would like to see is to trade up.