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Would You Agree That Bosh's Sign-&-Trade Value Has Decreased Recently?

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  • Would You Agree That Bosh's Sign-&-Trade Value Has Decreased Recently?

    I usually cringe whenever I read Frank Zicarelli's work, but this article tonight should make for some interesting discussion regarding Bosh's value and whether or not its decreased over the latter part of this season.

    Chris Bosh’s value in a potential sign-and-trade scenario has been decreased, his status among the game’s elite now in question.

    The question that can’t be solved now and won’t be answered anytime soon is what can the Raptors possibly get in return if the face of the franchise decides to leave, which is getting closer and closer to being a done deal, as if it wasn’t obvious before to those who have an up-close look at the team.

    When the league announced its three all-NBA teams on Thursday, Bosh’s name wasn’t on the list.

    A five-time all-star, Bosh was playing at high level prior to this year’s all-star break, posting numbers that ranked Bosh among the game’s very best power forwards.

    An ankle injury severely hampered Bosh in the post all-star break.

    When he finally recovered, Bosh had a monster week late in the season, earning honours as the Eastern Conference player of the week.

    As fate would have it, the recognition arrived days before his season-ending facial fracture in Cleveland.

    It certainly would have helped the Raptors’ cause had Bosh been among the game’s top 15 players, a process conducted by members of the media.

    It would have helped the Raptors’ chances of acquiring assets had Bosh been able to play down the stretch and had he been able to lift the team into the post-season.
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    doesnt matter, he will get his 130 matter where he goes, hes gonna average 20-25 ppg...and 10 rpg...nothing less, nothing more...


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      The writer is giving way too much importance to those selections.

      They will have no impact on Bosh's value.


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        Bosh will definitely get max money, however I do think his late season injuries lower his sign and trade value.
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          The only thing that will affect his S&T value is the movement of the other superstars. If Wade and Bron stay put and Amare and Boozer re up with their teams, then Bosh is the lone premier PF on the market and his S&T value will be through the roof.

          Teams have been selling thier fans on this summer for as long as two years, if the knicks and/or heat come up empty handed there will be a riot.

          As long as Bosh doesn't pigeon hole BC into dealing with one team, BC should be able to play offers against each other and hopefully come out on top.

          If Bosh is making a reality show of his free agency than BC should make one of his own for the S&T negotiations. I'd love to watch him continually hanging up on Pat Riley as he keeps trying to push Beasely on him.


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            This is just silly ... CB4 S&T value hasn't decreased at all. Worst case scenario, CB4 won't choose a S&T and he will stay in Toronto if nobody will give him max contract. But I doubt that nobody will be willing to give CB4 max contract via S&T, CB4 is a good player and will impact a lot whatever team he chooses to go.


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              Personally I feel the same teams who wanted him before still want him now. The Raptors are going lay a max offer in his lap so for those other teams to land him they're going to have to offer max money as well. I don't see his market value going down. As many other smart folks in here have stated in the past month, maybe the best bet for the Raptors are teams like the Rockets and Mavs because they have good players to deal back and they'll be forced to match salaries.

              insight_tor wrote: View Post
              Worst case scenario, CB4 won't choose a S&T and he will stay in Toronto
              Its amazing how that was the best case only a short time ago...
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                I keep flip flopping on Bosh. If he were to stay with the raps I think the brass and fans would regret it at some point, but I think you still have to roll the dice on Bosh's knees and any other freak occurrence that could occur over the next five years.

                At 20 million a year he's overpaid like the rest of the squad, but he's still worth 15 easy and unless there is a godfather S&T offer on the table, you can't just throw away that kind of talent simply because it isn't what it pretends to be.

                You have to spend money to win games and although Bosh isn't an ideal max guy, he's no Elton Brand, at least not yet and if BC can use the Evans/Banks expirings maybe packaged with a Jose/Bargs/Turk the raps could easily bring over a highly talented albeit overpaid star player to pair with Bosh and hopefully take advantage of the soon to be weak Atlantic and further declining Eastern Conference.


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                  I think if the Raps had made the playoffs - if the Raps had won just 1 more game - that Bosh would have been chosen to the 3rd team All-NBA. So I feel Bosh's value has not decreased whatover because he wasn't chosen as an All-NBA player (because the Raps didn't win 1 more game this season).

                  As such, I again cringed and sighed after I read Zicarelli's article, which just another one of his shody, illogical analysis'.
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                    i dont think Bosh's valued decreased either, but it certainly wasnt as high as LBJ's and Wade's.
                    Whats going to suck tho is both LBJ, Wade and JJ would probably stay in their current teams and Bosh, seeing his idols - i mean friends getting max contracts with their teams will do as what he has always done, follow the lead of these 2 premier players, sign with Toronto and declare that he always had Toronto in his heart and mind as the team where he will retire in. Us Toronto fans, being suckers, will then forgive and forget, throw away all those months we were stressed and annoyed, just because he cant find any other team good enough to go to or that could give him the max contract. At the end of next season, we'll be again in RR, bashing BC for signing bosh to a massive extension and not making the playoffs.


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                      hes getting max money wherever he goes
                      next year in an american market he'll be on the AllNBA Team....


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                        golden state will make sure he gets the max