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Is Bosh The Best PF in the NBA Right Now?

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  • Is Bosh The Best PF in the NBA Right Now?

    I have been wondering statistically bosh is the best pf in nba, but does that really make bosh the best pf. I mean dwight howard doesnt put up the best numbers as a center, but its clear he is the best c in the nba.

    For bosh to really without a doubt be the best pf he has to win around 50 games with whatever team he is with. That team should be the knicks lets face it the raptors arent gonna be in the playoffs next year lol. If we are its just because the east is so weak. With that said lets hope derozan and weems get better to the point that we can be "competetive"

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    gwapstyll wrote: View Post
    For bosh to really without a doubt be the best pf he has to win around 50 games with whatever team he is with. That team should be the knicks lets face it the raptors arent gonna be in the playoffs next year lol.
    And why exactly should Bosh go to the Knicks? How would they help him win 50 games?


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      the knicks are going to get significantly better this offseason, and if bosh wants to be the franchise of a big city team the knicks would be exaclty that, plus you know how much attention bpsh would get in the media on the knicks


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        even if bosh and lebron were to team up in nyc, that doesn't instantly make them a 50 win team. look at all the teams with 50+ wins and tell me one which doesn't have decent role players and a reliable bench. The knicks can land two amazing players, but that's where it ends.
        plus, i don't think bosh is a d'antoni system player anyways. he's always been criticized for taking too long to make decisions with the ball and i don't think that bodes well with the run-n-gun ny knicks.


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          If Bosh is your number 1 guy, your team is destined to bounce out in the first round of the playoffs or not make it to the playoffs at all.


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            Just because the Knicks have a lot of cap room doesn't actually mean squat. Sure they have the whole MSG Basketball Mecca thing going for them, but looking at their current roster, the only person with any kind of real potential for stardom is Gallinari. David Lee is a free agent and will only go for a significant pay raise, which the Knicks can't give him if they want to sign 2 max FAs. As Bodmon said, even if they do manage to land 2 top-tier FAs, which they most likely would not, 2 stars can't carry a team of complete crap anywhere anyone cares about.


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              I think it depends on who's around him. When the Raptors made the playoffs under Bosh's leadership who was the second star? Who was the third star? The answer to both is no one. My whole hesitation against Bosh as being the man is centered around Colangelo's ability to bring in a couple guys who can be depended upon when the double come to Bosh and the shots of all those young inexperenced players aren't falling during a high pressure situations. When the Raptors made the playoffs under Colengelo's watch, the whole team was a disappointment and Bosh can't help Ford or Parker make an open shot or stop Jose from giftwrapping a turnover in a do or die moment. He can't turn Bargnani into a grizzled vet who knows how to play a style of game he didn't start learning until coming to North America. He can't give Garbajosa athleticism to stop Vince Carter or Richard Jefferson. He can't make the team gang rebound or box guys out properly. Bosh isn't an ideal superstar to build around like LeBron or Kobe or Duncan but can the Raptors find one of those even if they trade Bosh? Can we trust Colangelo to build a strong group without Bosh around even though he couldn't do it with Bosh here? Not sure. I know Bosh isn't the easiest option to build around but Colangelo does not have a shining record as Raptors GM. The Jermaine O'Neil second trade involving giving up a draft pick was horrible. The Jason Kapono signing was horrible. Allowing Jorge Garbajosa to play on a broken wheel which resulted in his career ending in Toronto when Raptors doctors were advising against it was a horrible decision. The signing of Hedo Turkoglu for that kind of money was a horrible decision. Electing to stand pat at this last deadline was a bad decision; he said himself he was aware of the glaring holes leading up to the deadline but discredited the idea of the weak schedule padding their record.

              The Chris Bosh issue is just as much a Brian Colangelo issue. I think Bosh now fully realizes his success in the league will be firmly tied to a wing on the perimeter who can impact that part of the game. That's why he's asking for one. Bosh can be the difference in the paint but he's got to find the teammate who completes him by anchoring the perimeter. Anthony Parker was the closest thing(but still far off) and no coincidence that his regression as a player corresponded with the Raptors plunge back into mediocrity. Finding that guy won't make the Raptors contenders overnight but the rest of the blanks can be filled in over time with players who fill needs. I think this is why Miami and Chicago are such hot rumors. I don't think Bosh needs a guy on the level of Wade or Rose to be successful but he needs something more than cupcakes at a tea party. Not sure Colangelo can provide anything more than that or not and this is why I've been saying I have no hard feeling about CB4 leaving. He deserves better in his prime. I hope if he stays, not likely, IT gets better.
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