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Do You Think the Raptors in the ACC Should Introduce the Hockey Organ?

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  • Do You Think the Raptors in the ACC Should Introduce the Hockey Organ?

    Okay, this idea seems far fetched for us basketball fans of this age. Either if 4Korners suck or they don't, they should utilize the hockey organ for 40-50% of the music in a game.

    The Knicks, either when they suck now or were great before, always had the organ at their disposal and it brought a sense of tradition.

    We are a hockey town, we need more ORGAN, like Walken needs cowbell.

    Use the ACC organ for the DEFENSE chant, small game delays, music before an in bounds play, the Organ only plays on something that only needs 1 minute to 2 minutes of break time. To use it for every free throw made.....eeeerr probably not that would be over kill.

    Don't worry, it won't make the Dance Pack obsolete, they will dance when the breaks or intermissions are definitely going to be over 3 minutes. It depends on the ACC/Raptors entertainment coordinator. If we get a kickass organist, he/she will make the Dance Pack shake 'dem bootays anyways.

    If they can bring in Devlin as a fan PR gamble, why don't we gamble on an organ anyways?

    Should the ACC organ be used in Raptor games? I say YES!
    YES, we are a hockey town, so why not?
    NO, dat's just whack, it just don't vibe...

    The poll is expired.

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    Only if they can put it up in the rafters

    Are there any rafters at the ACC?
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