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    I don't have twitter so i am not sure, but can ppl make a random account, and just tweet on someone's wall, or is the user able to block tweets?. For example: An anomynous person makes a twitter acount, and lets say goes to Chish bosh's twitter and types "leave toronto u attention whore", would that show up on the twitter account of chris? and if it does some plz fuck with him

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    Yes, if you directed the comment to him personally via his Twitter account he would read it. (or Hadi his mental midget sidekick would)

    And no, someone else can have at it. I'll take the high road and leave the man be. Love Bosh, but I'm ready for a new phase with this franchise. Seven years and we're still shit. Time to move on.


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      This doesn't seem like a trade proposal to me.
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        I'm sure he gets enough "tweet abuse" as it is... No need to pile it on.


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          Yeah, totally agree. The more attention we give him, the more he likes it. So just leave him be.

          We got two things figured out anyways, he wants the max and he wants to win.

          If he stays, ok. If he leaves, even better.