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Road to respectability and If I were Colangelo dreams

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  • Road to respectability and If I were Colangelo dreams

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    Financially feasible? Anything is possible when you put together a mix of contracts, but will it happen? I highly, highly doubt it. Only player I could see the Hornets wanting is Bosh and considering N.O. is already contract heavy with West and Okafor already in their front court, just another reason why it probably won't happen.

    Would I love to see Paul in a Raps uniform? Absolutely. An absolute dream.


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      I had an "if I was BC" vision this morning. I hate to say it, but right now the Raps are a team with a very low ceiling. Why? BC is building a team of specialist, one dimensional players, as opposed to players who can excel in a variety of game situations and playing environments. And of course, I don't need to get into the softness of this team.

      Here are my thoughts. Please feel free to discuss, amend or shoot me down.

      Chris Bosh is a great player, but not for this team. He needs to be with a defensive powerhouse centre. I think a max contract for him on this team is not the right strategy. So, my first move:

      Trade Chris Bosh to San Antonio for:

      Richard Jefferson
      George Hill
      DaJuan Blair
      If SA needs extra fodder to make this happen, so be it. Bosh will extend Duncan's career by a few years in SA, and we get Jefferson and a couple of young players with upside who can defend, rebound and score garbage buckets. Precisely what the Raptors need.

      Next up, I'd see about trading Calderon to Charlotte for Felton (though we'd have to take another contract from Charlotte, maybe Ajinca, and possibly send a 2nd round draft pic to make this happen). Felton is not the type of PG that the Bobcats need, since he can't keep defences honest with his shot, and the rest of the Bobcats aren't strong enough offensively to make up for that weakness. Since the Raptors have a bunch of shooters, this isn't a problem.

      We now have a rotation of:

      PG: Felton/Jack
      SG: Hill/DeRozan/Belinelli/Weems
      SF: Jefferson/Turkoglu/Wright
      PF/C: Bargnani/Johnson/Blair/Evans/Ajinca/Nesterovic

      I would start Jefferson over Turkoglu and have Turkoglu as 6th man, to help with ball handling on the second unit. Though I would see a lineup of either PG, Jefferson, Turkoglu, Johnson or Nesterovic and Bargnani to close out games.

      Bargnani would be surrounded with more defensive players in the front court to cover up his rebounding and defensive weaknesses.

      The lineup is much more athletic, with the Raptors now featuring Felton, DeRozan, Hill, Weems and Johnson who are above average athletically, and Jefferson and Belinelli, who are no slouches. There would also be some freedom to play in the secondary free agent markets, as well as a ton of tradeable commodities.

      Young, athletic, cheap, with a bit of veteran leadership, I would pay good money to watch this team play.

      I see the Bosh trade as something SA would probably go for, but I don't know realistically how well Felton for Calderon would go over in Charlotte.