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Eric Smith Feels Raptors Will Move Jose & Not Jack

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    Consider their contracts and abilities, which PG do you think other teams would rather have?

    I don't expect BC will be able to trade Jose for anything more than Hedo clone.
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      I think a lot of people around here are vastly underestimating what Jose brings to the team. Now, I like Jack, and even defended him on this site when he was struggling at the beginning of the year, but Jose is one of only two players on the team that makes other players better (the other one is Turkoglu, when he actually cares). Jack, for all his strengths, doesn't make his teammates better. It's a rare ability and one that is lost on most fans because they simply don't see it.

      Yes, his defense is bad, but he's one of the few players in the league that is able to make up for it on the offensive end (unlike Bargnani).
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        If a team trades for Jose it will be paying him to be a starter, but his skills shine as a back up pg. I can't think of too many teams that want to spend money that want Jose as thier starting point guard. I don't support keeping the guy with the worse value just because no one else will take him.