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Smith: Raptors Should Dangle Full MLE to Ray Allen

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    This would be a ridiculous move. No way this should happen. Having a 38-year old RayRay on the team is not going to do anyone any favours.

    The Raptors need to look at what the Toronto Blue Jays are doing. Stockpiling young talent, getting out from under huge salary commitments, one baby step at a time. It'll take a few years to undo the mess, but the team will be much better off for it in the long run.

    Acquiring and overpaying veteran players and crossing our fingers that they have some gas left in the tank (O'Neal, Marion, Hedo) and giving huge extensions on not-completely-proven players (Bargnani, Calderon) is making Bryan Colangelo start to look more like J. P. Ricciardi than a respectable NBA GM.


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      I can't believe you guys are OK with guying him the MLE. What do you think he could possibly bring to a team that is gutted defensively? He's effective in Boston because he's turned into option #3 or #4 on a very good defensive team. This will be nothing but disaster, we should learn our lesson and not sign has-beens anymore.


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        Arsenalist wrote: View Post
        I can't believe you guys are OK with guying him the MLE.
        Me either. It boggles the mind. This is a terrible idea.


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          It reminds me a little of the Simpsons episode where Lisa creates a test for mice where if they try and touch the cheese, they get a shock. They learn very quickly not to touch the cheese. Homer comes by and keeps getting shocked because "this time" it won't shock him.
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