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What Do You Think of Mike Woodson?

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  • What Do You Think of Mike Woodson?

    Today, it was announced that Mike Woodson will be relieved of the head coach position for Atlanta Hawks.

    So, do you guys see BC considering bringing him to the Raptors for a change?

    I know that BC wants to stay with Triano, but Woodson has applied same running style offense in Atlanta, which btw was very fun and exciting to watch. He would fit perfectly with BC's visions and goals.

    I don't really know much about him, so what do you guys think of him and how would he be as a coach for Raptors?

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    Mike Woodson should have accomplished much more with the team he had. But as we have seen the playoffs are an another animal.

    Re your suggestion about a running need the horses to play that style...we dont have them. We need more defense. Offense is not our problem and there are many other unemployed coaches right now who are better than MW imo. (Gundy, Avery, Frank, Collins, Thibodeau (asst in Boston))


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      Colangelo said he's keeping Jay. I think Jay is here to stay unless Bosh tells him that the only way he will re-sign is if Jay is fired. I don't see that happening.


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        He sucks he lost his team and for other reasons that were stated already.
        "Hello, Hello !.....You Play to Win the GAME!!"

        Herm Edwards