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Jonny Flynn: Bosh In The Driver's Seat This Summer

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  • Jonny Flynn: Bosh In The Driver's Seat This Summer

    Just caught this from yesterday and one of Jonny Flynn Tweets:

    Chris Bosh is in the driver seat for this free agency. Lebron & Wade both want 2 team up wit em. So wherever he goes, thats where 1 will go
    If that's the case, then we're sitting pretty if Bosh decides to stay here.

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    so who do you guys think is coming, Wade or Lebron?


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      I'd rather have LBJ (as much as I don't like him, just his game) I think he'd be more valuable than Wade as Wade already has a history of missing games due to injury. Oh and not to mention that LBJ is considered the best player in the NBA to date. :P
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        Doc Naismith wrote: View Post
        Just caught this from yesterday and one of Jonny Flynn Tweets:

        If that's the case, then we're sitting pretty if Bosh decides to stay here.

        Source - Click here
        And so if he says "I'm staying in Toronto" one of those guys is going to say "Oh Canada!"? Total pipe dream but he said clearly to Colangelo that he needs to get a star wing for him to stay and I don't think they get any brighter than LBJ or Wade. The American media would self-destruct because they wouldn't know how to handle it. especially Charlie Rosen, that guy would die on the spot.


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          It would be great if LBJ or Wade signed with the Raps... higly unlikely. In the near future i think Bosh and either wade or LBJ will be a Knickerbocker
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            it would be lebron if anything. Wade will never leave miami for Tdot


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              Its complicating enough to do 1 sign and trade, it might be too much to do 2 and I don't see anyone leaving any money on the table.


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                Where would the second S&T come into play? Bosh signs, and then one S&T occurs that sends LBJ this way... Hahaha, either way I guess its kind of ridiculous to think that James would come here. The American media has been pretty anti-Raptors since the beginning.


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                  Well it sounds completely unfeasible but there would be arguments for and against:

                  1) Canadian media are nowhere near as insane as American media are; they would definitely receive a lot more privacy
                  2) American markets are pretty much saturated for LBJ/Wade marketing; makes sense to expand to another country where they could attempt to expand their market. Think about it - every state in the US has fans that will cheer for LBJ and will keep cheering for him wherever the hell he plays. He'll still get the media exposure and primetime TV even if he played in Europe. That's just how it is. So why not reach out and try to capture market share in Canada, with a whole 'nother damn country to buy your stuff.
                  3) The GM situation is pretty solid; regardless of the majority of public opinion, Bryan Colangelo is still one of the top GMs in the league and is respected by the players as such

                  1) Much less media exposure - nobody really talks as much about Bosh down in the US because he is playing north of the border. However, this assumption would probably change if LBJ/Wade came here. Just because they attract that level of attention.
                  2) Canada/Toronto is a hockey country. Meaning that the majority of sports writers/followers/fans are first and foremost hockey fans. Basketball players play second fiddle to that. That's not an opinion, that's a fact. Some may like it, but I'm betting most don't considering they're treated pretty damn well in the US.
                  3) No matter how you cut it, the weather in Toronto is worse than about 80% of the other cities with a ball club in it. But if LBJ is thinking he could cut it in Chicago, then something like weather wouldn't keep him from thinking Toronto either.
                  4) There's going to be a LOT of work that needs to be done with the Raptors - and I'm not sure if Jay Triano would be able to stick around if a superstar like LBJ/Wade shows up. BC would have to go out and bring in a respected, championship experienced coach.

                  I mean there's way more "againsts" that I can think of, but there are certainly some far-stretching possible "fors" that they could use to. I mean if you think about it, if BC and MLSE can actually get Canadians to root for the Raptors as "Canada's team", than the market is disgustingly huge...and the market is most definitely not saturated north of the border.

                  But the real reason I doubt something like this would ever happen is that I don't think they'd pay up for 2 max salary players.


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                    Guys, when Carter was here the Raptors got lots of media exposure. Bosh isn't flashy like Carter and as such he alone could not draw the American media in. Also back then the team had another well known personality with the club, Charles Oakley. Lots of good sound bites going around. Colangelo's Raptors are as boring as watching paint dry because people don't recognize the players. Then you have the bias from the American media and the Raptors never hit their airwaves for the sake of putting them on like some other teams get. That's my theory.


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                      Well it may be true that the American media doesn't give a lot of media coverage to the Raptors I think that if the Raptors became a 50 win team that would change.

                      Really when you are a almost a perennial lottery team why would you want national sports media coverage anyway?

                      The Raptors have made the playoff twice within the last 8 years

                      Have never won over 47 regular season games since they came into existence.

                      Have been a .500 team or better only five times in their fifteen years.

                      If the Raptors ever win 50 regular season games in a season and make it past the first round in the playoffs I am sure that they will get plenty of media coverage from NBA media outlets located in the U.S.A.
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                        They would call them overachievers, just like a three years back when they won the division.