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Will Bosh be Booed?

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    TM Williamson wrote: View Post
    I don't recall Bosh ever mentioning that he wanted the Raps to surround him with shooters that can't play defense. They tried to put the proper pieces around him, and they failed. He tried to lead an average to the playoffs (and the second round a couple times), and he also failed. Both sides failed to get the job done, so why does the onus for failure fall more on Bosh than on management?

    Under no circumstances should Chris Bosh be booed. Regardless of what you think of his abilities as a player or leader, he gave his all for this team. There were never any major character concerns or allegations of him quitting on the team (until very recently, and I put little faith in those allegations). Even if the Raps do get another "all-star" (they're not getting a real all-star with the trade pieces they have will be at best someone in the Jermaine O'Neal/Turkoglu mold, who Bryan can sell to the fans as a potential all-star), I wouldn't criticize Bosh for leaving. He has the opportunity to play with real stars and real coaches for franchises that are really committed to building winning teams. You can't boo him for taking advantage of that.

    TM, you said it all. Thank you.

    If i may, I would like to ask anyone who would even consider booing Bosh to answer the following 2 question honestly:

    (1) If you were in Bosh's shoes, would you re-sign with the Raps?

    (2) If you retired after having made over $200M over a 15-year NBA career and never won a title or even got to play in a finals series, would you consider trading $30M to play for 1 championship team and earn a championship ring?
    RR OG