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    It's not that the franchise should hold onto the number, it's about who really is going to want to step in right away and wear that number? That number is associated with arguably the greatest Raptor ever (albeit we have a brief history). I don't think it'll be worn for a few seasons.


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      I just remembered another Raptor who wore number 4:

      Sharone Wright, Baby! Almost as good as Bosh, no? Too bad for that car accident...
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        Bosh's 4 Jersey will be in the rafters in the ACC

        theres no question Bosh's jersey will be retired, he is the greatest raptor ever, has done
        alot for the city of T.O. and has been a solid role model for the kids.eventhough there hasn't been much success for bosh in the playoffs, he still gave it his all, unlike a guy that wore "15".

        Im sure bosh does'nt want to end up ringless in his career thats why i believe he is leaving,
        turst me next season raptors fans will realize bosh's importance, lets hope Avery Bradley and Demar derozan can become Stud$ in the NBA


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          I really liked Sharone. I thought he was solid player and that he'd be here for years. It's a shame about the accident.