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Leo Rautins Son - A Majerle/Nash Hybrid?

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  • Leo Rautins Son - A Majerle/Nash Hybrid?

    Rautins A Majerle/Nash Hybrid?

    By: Travis Heath Last Updated: 5/20/10 8:17 PM ET

    Comparisons are always dangerous. Inevitably they create excessive hype and ratchet up expectations, sometimes to a level that can be detrimental to a player's developmental potential. That said, they are almost unavoidable this time of the year.

    Andy Rautins of Syracuse University is flying largely under the NBA Draft radar but already the comparisons are starting from those who follow the Orange. Given the fact Rautins is a Canadian citizen and a deadeye shooter, the comparisons to Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash are expected. However, at 6-foot-4 Rautins' skill-set is a little bit different.

    "I'd like to say I'm a little bit of a mix between Dan Majerle and Steve Nash," said Rautins from the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago on Thursday. "Dan for his grind it out and tough it out defensive style and the way he shoot the ball. Steve for his vision and passing ability."

    That's quite a hybrid. The difference between Rautins and both Majerle and Nash, though, is that Rautins will likely go in the second round of the NBA Draft. Majerle and Nash were both mid-first round picks.
    Maybe BC should find a way to draft him?
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    if we could buy a second round draft pick, i wouldn't mind him actually...


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      He seems like a good kid, but considering his status as a hometown kid and Triano's public-pleaser attitude, he might feel like he's forced to play Rautins more than he really deserves. Plus with all the people who think Bradley should be the Rap's 13th pick and BC won't be getting rid of more than one of Jose/Jack, there would be extremely limited PT for him anyways.


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        Colangelo won't draft him or sign him, based on his comments about other potential Canadians joining the team in the past (ie: Denham Brown).


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          Evidence Andy isn't a real option

          Bryan Colangelo will suggest it wouldn't have been good for Brown to play in Toronto, he'd have too much pressure here.
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            To me, he seems like the JJ Redick type. I wouldn't mind BC drafting him if we could get a 2nd round pick.