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    Would anybody be willing to trade up to nab this guy? If there's anyone outside of Wall and Turner who can help a team right away without significant risk, it's Aldrich. IMO he's got a bit of Brook Lopez in him.

    Not an outstanding athlete, but really sound on both ends of the floor. Excellent rebounder, excellent shot blocker, excellent help defender. Shoots at an 80% clip from the line, steps out and hits the mid-range shot, solid body for a center (6-11, 245, 7-4 wingspan).

    I think Detroit or Utah would take him given the chance, so #7 would be a spot to shoot for.

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    I like him, but from what I've read it seems to me that he'll only ever be a role player in the NBA. If that's the case, how much do you give up for him?


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      Yea I've read that too, but why then is he projected so high on mock drafts if he'll never be a starter? Rarely do you draft a player in the top 10 hoping that he'll just be a good role player.

      Personally, I think he can be a starting center as long as he's not a focal point of the team. Definitely not a go-to-guy, but then again, how many centers are?


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        He's high up because centres are hard to find. Even a role-playing centre can start for most teams in the NBA. You can't teach size (see: Thabeet) but with Aldrich, you don't have to.


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          You can be a starter and a role player. Aldrich simply does not have a lot of potential to get much better, is what the scouting reports say. He's projected to be a lottery pick because he's skilled right now and should be able to come in and contribute. But he's not going to be an All-Star.

          Teams that already have a couple of star players and don't need to take a chance on getting one in the draft would be fine drafting him. Golden State, Utah, the Clippers and the Grizzlies have enough pieces to be able to grab Aldrich. The Raptors aren't in a position to be able to take a role player. Without Bosh, they have absolutely no stars on the team and need to find a future All-Star.
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