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The Five Teams Bosh Is Open to Playing For...

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    Tim W. wrote: View Post
    I wouldn't say that's disappointing news at all. Most of those teams were crap trading partners.
    I missed the closing quotes on 'disappointing'....sarcasm intended.

    There are going to be oodles of such punditry to be expected over the coming sense getting too worked up about Chad or Simmons or SMith etc trying to outdo each other with their "sources" and least not until there is at least some hedging if not confirming by the principals.


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      Bendit wrote: View Post
      "Disappointing news everyone...Bosh's agent calls the ESPN piece trash/bogus/untrue/etc,4558949.story
      So they aren't entire wrong though because Colangelo did acknowledge that Bosh has narrowed his decision to a number of teams. Maybe ESPN aren't recording the right teams though.

      Source - Click here


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        It seems very reasonable that there is a list of teams.

        The list would have been created over the last several months during extension meetings among BC, CB4 and Thomas (Bosh's agent).

        A S&T has been an option for a while now so the list was put together and it would seem reasonable that BC has jotted down some thoughts on what the S&T possibilities are with each team.

        Does this mean that Bosh wants out?

        I don't think it has been decided by either party at this point whether CB4 signs, or leaves via a S&T or just walks.

        I think bringing the idea of this list public is nothing but stuff for writers to write about.
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          [QUOTE=Doc Naismith;16777]So they aren't entire wrong though because Colangelo did acknowledge that Bosh has narrowed his decision to a number of teams. Maybe ESPN aren't recording the right teams though. /QUOTE]

          I wouldnt be surprised if it was BC who was the original source for Chad's espn piece. He'd like the bidding to start or smoke out those not on the list to show a hand. This is par for the course in terms of creating a market and value.

          I see where Dirk N. may opt out. Kind of dilutes Bosh's value possibly by providing teams with another option to match with James or Wade.


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            colangelo has confirmed it as those teams listed on chad's article it's on the tv and the tv doesn't lie.

            quit the bs bosh.
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              Do you know Chris Bosh

              Chris Bosh, a free agent come July 1, has apparently compiled a list of five teams he'd be willing to join, according to Doug Smith of the Toronto Star. The list includes incumbent Toronto, where Bosh has played since 2003. Three teams with cap space -- Miami, New York and Chicago -- also make the list. The final slot goes to the NBA team with the most gargantuan payroll and the best, most expensive frontcourt: the Lakers.

              Los Angeles has no cap space, and would have to send back at least $14 million in salary to the Raptors in a sign-and-trade for Bosh. It would have to be $14 million in salary which happens to be amenable to Toronto. So basically, it would have to be Andrew Bynum, who actually makes only $13.7 million, which means Bosh would have to take about $300,000 less than his maximum salary.


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                First off, welcome to the forums. Secondly, you're at least a week late on this news. There are other threads that talk about this.
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