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  • Careful: Do You Really Think...

    ... that James or Wade will take less $ than Bosh?

    I don't think so.

    So if you see any rumours out there about Bosh waiting to see where James lands so that he might join him take a second and think about the money.

    --- Chicago has Cap space but if they use it to sign James and then do a S&T to get Bosh then Bosh would be making more than James... which just isn't going to happen.

    --- the Knicks have Cap space for two but lack assets to S&T, even half-assedly well, for two... which means the Cavs and Raps could easily say no to the S&T - do you really think they'll just 'give' up that extra cash to go to a team that needs a full rebuild AFTER getting them?

    As far as the 'two superstars' model, using a S&T goes, I am think only Miami has the ability to pull it off - and only because they already have Wade.

    Food for thought.

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    If Bosh really wants to go to the Knicks, he's going to the Knicks. Colangelo doesn't have nearly as much power in this situation as you seem to think.
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      Tim W. wrote: View Post
      If Bosh really wants to go to the Knicks, he's going to the Knicks. Colangelo doesn't have nearly as much power in this situation as you seem to think.
      Going to the Knicks would be an absolutely horrible decision for Bosh as the first banana and maybe even the second banana.

      The reason is. The media and fans in N.Y. are totally venomous when it comes to the stars in their city. The pressure for a star to succeed all the time in N.Y. is the worst of any place in at least N. America.

      I doubt that Bosh could handle the pressure to succeed imposed upon him by the media and fans. They are not anywhere near as polite and PC and the media and fans in Canada.
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        I think the message here is not that Bosh can't go to New York, it's that if he does he might get paid less than the other superstars, meaning he may not want to go and that in the end he will determine Toronto is his best choice.
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          Bosh wants Max

          They way I see it is Bosh is first choice is to sign a max deal with Toronto either to stay or to part of a sign and trade...

          If he walks he only gets a 5yr deal which means after those 5 years the question then becomes is he a max player...I doubt anyone would give Bosh 25-30 mil a year in 5 years from now.

          Having said that unless he is prepared to walk away and lose upto 30 million (maybe not lose but maxiumize) He has to work with the Raps to get a sign and trade....

          BC is not going to send him to where ever he wants to go for a bag of balls...

          BC has wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more power in this transaction then people give him credit for.... This must be a trade that works for Bosh/the Raps/and whoever wants to pay him max for 6 years....Not going to be easy...

          Bosh may just sign here knowing heck if thing dont work out I can demand a trade and force my way out....

          But I do not see him leaving via free agency without the sign and trade....

          So now the question is who and where and what do we get back