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Bosh and JJ possible?

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  • Bosh and JJ possible?

    I'm not really that great at crunching the numbers but is it even feasible for the Raptors to have Bosh, Joe Johnson, Turk, Bargnani and Jack as the starting 5?

    I don't know if the salaries would work out, but the way I see it is that if Bosh still thinks he's the #1 guy for a team and that they need a wing player that can create his own shot and that they need to go over the cap, than I don't see why JJ can't fit all 3 of those (somewhat dubious) criteria.

    Some facts:

    - Bosh always said he didn't want to play second fiddle. It's clear in any trade scenario, that everybody thinks he will be a second fiddle to the true superstar on a team. This just makes Bosh look dumb and I don't think he wants to "look" dumb. Period. Also makes him admit to not being able to be the #1 guy on a team. OK fine, you're unconvinced...but work with me here anyways.

    - JJ has already said he's done being "the man" on a team. He's willing to let others step up and take the weight of the team on their shoulders. He can create his own shot. It's pretty clear that he should be on his way out in ATL, and best of all he's a swingman and can move with or without the ball.

    - If the Raps don't need a true PG anymore because we've got Turk (and I don't think BC is going to drop Turk like he dropped JO, but I could be wrong), than what the team can really do is stack the 1 and 2 positions with scorers. I'm fine with keeping Jack, but who knows, maybe he becomes trade bait.

    In this case you've got 2 unconventional ball handlers (JJ and Turk), so you can stack the 1 with a scorer...Jack can play the scoring card as can DD and Weems.

    I dunno, any thoughts? Like I said, I didn't do the math for the contract situations but is it even possible? And if so, how far into the salary cap do they go?

    J. Johnson has worked with Colangelo before and some of you might say that he bolted Phoenix while BC was GM, but that was when JJ wanted to be more the #2 or #3 option, not #4 after Nash, Stoudemire and Marion. Time's are different.

    Anyways, food for thought. There's no reason for Bosh to stay unless BC can make the team better. Despite his performance in the postseason, JJ can make the Raptors better.

    Oh and for those who think that BC is all about rebuilding now...I'm not sure I agree with you. The extension he got recently doesn't really indicate a rebuilding effort is underway. It looks more like BC will try to shake things up a bit more dramatically.

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    The Raptors need a 20 a game 2guard, something the raptors haven't had since the VC days in a Wing dominated league. If by some miracle it happens, I'm down with JJ in TO.


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      Joe Johnson is just another Hedo as far as im concerned, i honestly prefer trading for iggy than trying to get that star bust of player.


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        I thought Joe Johnson might have been a good addition, but it was recently pointed out to me that he's turning 30 this year, so I agree that it would be a much better option to try and get Andre Iguodala. And probably easier, quite frankly.
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          Who would the Hawks want? Because it would have to be a sign-and-trade

          Assuming JJ makes only $15 million (which I think is low-balling him - because he could probably get more in NY), we'd need to make up about $12M+..

          So that leaves Jose at $9M and either Banks ($4.8M exp), Reggie ($5.08M exp) or Jack ($4.6M).

          I don't see Atlanta wanting Jose and garbage (and even possible 13th pick) especially with money tied up in Bibby for the next two years..

          But hopefully I'm wrong


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            In Johnson’s last three playoff games he’s averaged 12.3 points on 31 percent shooting, and last night he scored just four points after halftime. For the last two postseasons Johnson’s “superstar” status has been under scrutiny, and this Orlando series isn’t helping the perception that he’ll always be a notch below the D-Wade/Kobe (and even the Ginobili/B-Roy) class of elite two-guards. If Joe is going to play so much iso and stagnate ball movement along with Crawford, then he needs to put up buckets at the same rate as Kobe and D-Wade.
   - May 7th
            He showed that he can’t be a leader as his indifference and attitude toward the Hawks series was troubling to say the least. He also showed that all too often he is not assertive enough.

            Two years ago, in Game 4 of the Hawks’ first round series with the Celtics, Johnson showed a killer instinct putting on a fourth quarter clinic with 20 points to lead the Hawks to victory. He failed to show that instinct in the playoffs this year, and for a team considering shelling out max dollars to him, that is a big warning sign.
   - May 20th


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              JJ would be awesome here, he's a scoring PG/SG and would definitely create plays for the raps offense. perfect compliment to Bosh coz he's good with the dribble penetration as well.

              the downside is his age and the money.

              i think the Hawks would take on our expiring contacts, i mean they wont miss JJ that much, they already got Jamal to replace him. The question is, will JJ play here? given the guy's ego (he left Phoenix coz he wanted to be a superstar) will he share the limelight with Bosh and Bargs?


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                JJ is a complimentary piece to round out a team to go deep in the playoffs. The Raptors are not that team. As someone else wrote Toronto has to arrange a s&t with Atl. because we are over the cap. Will Atl. do this? Again we need defensive and quick players more than we need a slowing down scorer who can be stopped when the movement around him stagnates. To have to go into luxury terr. not a good fit. It seems like a proposition to keep Bosh.