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Whos Better: Chris Bosh or Pau Gasol?

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    I don't think playoff success can be overrated. It is far easier to be successful in the regular season, dozens of stars have proved themselves fully capable of putting up big numbers on good teams only to disappear in the Spring. Wince is the perfect example of this, all the talent in the world and no willingness to step up when it matters. Bosh may very well be the same, the small pool of data that is Bosh's playoff resume would indicate towards that, but obviously it is too small of a sample to definitively know either way.

    It might not be fair to compare Bosh's two lackluster post season trips to Gasols, but it is hard to argue with the bar Gasol has set. He plays with the best player of our generation yes, but also the most enigmatic, difficult and demanding. Gasol has been a rock for LA and almost every expert argues that Kobe should defer more to him as he is a gifted passer with an exceptional basketball IQ.

    When was the last time you saw Gasol take a bad shot?

    I doubt too many people still think the best way to utilize Bosh's talents is to build around him in a similar fashion that Chris Wallace decided against building around Gasol. Bosh is best suited towards being a second banana and while he may end up with a better career than Gasol, at this point it is ridiculous to suggest otherwise. I honestly can't believe this is even a debate.

    Bosh may be better individually, but it is a team sport and Gasol has proved he can star when the lights are brightest, Bosh hasn't and everything we have seen from him suggests otherwise.

    Bosh is great at putting up stats in the regular season, Gasol is great at putting up stats in the post season, which one is more valuable? Could Bosh thrive in Gasol's role? Maybe, but until he does or even comes close to he will continue to be an extremely talented player who doesn't fully get it.


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      Mack North wrote: View Post
      You should really look into changing your avatar dude. We're in a Raptors forum and if you're a real Raps fan you should have no love for a division rival, especially one such as the Celtics.

      Just a thought.

      And I realize I have a Cowboys avatar but it's a different sport all together.
      why? because they are everthing we wish our team was like?

      my avatar means shit all

      i want the celtics to win the title because garnett and pierce are two of my favourite players...i dont see any problem with my avatar

      and btw, cowboys suck balls....GO EAGLES!!!!!


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        No one is saying that playoff performances don't mean anything, but the fact is that if a player like Gasol wins a ring, it seems to erase a lot of people's memories and make them a lot more forgiving of their mistakes.

        At 25 years old, Gasol averaged 20.8 ppg on .538 shooting and 9.8 rpg.
        At 25 years old, Bosh averaged 24 ppg on .518 shooting and 10.8 rpg.

        Gasol had 3 playoff appearances to Bosh's 2, but Bosh had won 3 games in the playoffs compared to none for Gasol. By the time his season was done, Gasol had a reputation as a soft player who couldn't lead his team anywhere in the playoffs. Then he was traded to the Lakers and all that miraculously changed.

        There are two big differences between Gasol and Bosh. Gasol plays on a contender now and is 29 years old. At Bosh's age, Gasol had the EXACT same reputation as Bosh, except Bosh was considered a better player than Gasol was.
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          I agree completely, if anything Bosh has a better reputation at 25 than Gasol did.

          The act of getting a ring is what transformed him into arguably the top power forward in today's game not just the end result. He was soft against Boston in 2008 and they lost in the finals. The lakers came back the next year and Gasol shed his demons and emerged as a tough go to player who could come through when it matters most.

          That's what we know about Gasol, he is a perfect 2nd banana, willing to defer when needed, relied on when needed and capable of bailing you out when Kobe has an off shooting night. We don't know any of this with Bosh. He might join Lebron and win three straight titles, but Gasol has set the bar pretty high. Bosh is potentially capable, but he will have to have an exorbitant amount of playoff success in the next few years, possibly against Gasol to join the ranks of the games elite and not just a better jump shooting Zach Randolph.


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            Mess wrote: View Post
            If this isn't called "The Hedo Theory" it should be from now on.
            I was just thinking the exact same thing when I read Tim's post. Hedo is the ultimate example how the perception of a player can change with a good run through the playoffs. Joe Johnson is another. Couple years back in the playoffs he dropped 20 in the 4th on the Celtics and now this year he was averaging something like 12PPG in that final series and has hurt his value on the market because of it. He went from "superstar" to "star" in the blink of an eye, while still being in his prime and possibly with a more refined game now.


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              Gasol by a country mile

              Not even close!!! The only thing Bosh does better than Gasol is Bosh has a much better jump shot, period.
              Gasol a better post player, rebounder, defender, best passing big man in basketball, about 10 times smarter than Bosh, quicker at deciding what to do by a huge margin, making his team and especially teamates way better, an ultimate team player versus Bosh the stat padder. Gasol way tougher and willing to bang, Bosh a creampie. Also watch Gasol and his teamates as they continually embrace, smile, talk and look like friends and watch Bosh who only ever shows friendship to thise who suck up to him; Jose, Jack, Evans.
              Even at their respective ages Gasol would be the choice by far, and if anyone does not think so try seeing if Jackson would not laugh at the suggestion of a swap.


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                Best passing bigman in the NBA? Come on now, any pass Gasol can make, Garnett can make blindfolded...And Bosh gets to the line 8-10 times a game. That doesn't sound like a man who is afraid of contact.