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    P.J. Carlesimo discussed a possible job on Toronto coaching staff, but source says "It's dead now." Carlesimo wants back in, friends say.
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    Sounds like the Raptors are trying to upgrade their defensive coaching IQ.

    Although I think P.J is a has-been and probably still wants to be a head coach somewhere.


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      I think P.J. would be an excellent assistant on any bench. He entered a tough situation in his last gig.


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        I'm not quite sure I understand the quote. What exactly is dead, now? And where is it that Carlesimo wants back in? Personally, I think it would be am excellent idea, if they can do it. He's never had much success as a head coach in the NBA, but he's probably one of the more respected assistant coaches out there.
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          My interpretation was he had discussions with the Raptors about job opportunities and although they weren't interested or lost interest, he still wants to return.


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            Yeah lets get him and bring back Spree out of retirement, It will give us something fun to watch when we are getting blown out.