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Bargnani Makes An All-NBA Second Team - Seriously

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  • Bargnani Makes An All-NBA Second Team - Seriously

    NBA / May 27, 2010 / 10:30 am
    The NBA All-Zone Buster Team

    By Rey Jefferson

    With the Suns’ zone working so well, it’s forcing the Lakers out of the paint and to the three-point line. Besides Kobe, the rest of the Lake Show have definitely been struggling with their stroke. So, being the avid Laker fan that I am, I instantly began to think about people that would thrive if defenses played zone against them. With that being said I give you my All-Zone Buster First & Second Team.
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    Jason Kapono made the second team as well. Apparently the writers don't realize that Kapono doesn't actually like to shoot.
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      So... basically the All-NBA 3-Point Shooting Team?


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        The author says in the comments
        "the purpose of the post is actually what you said “Best shooters at each position”
        It's still way off. Kapono? Has he not watched a game for 2 years?

        Besides being listed as a SF (since so many players out out of position on the list), this season Kapono isn't even the best 3 pt shooter named Jason.
        1. Kidd
        2. Richardson
        3. Williams
        4. Kopono

        Maybe it should be titled Shooting in an Empty Gym Busters instead of Zone Busters.
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          Kapono hasn't even play half a game this season and he's on the list.


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            This is just a list of players who the writer thinks will thrive against an all zone defence.

            BTW I think the writer's name is Bryan Colangelo because these are the types of teams he likes to build.


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              jrdyck wrote: View Post
              So... basically the All-NBA 3-Point Shooting Team?
              more like a team that is good at passing and shooting

              so basically a team that is able to move the ball well and find the "open man"(which could be anyone on the court), and that "open man" is a able to knock down shots