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    Chris Bosh, a free agent come July 1, has apparently compiled a list of five teams he'd be willing to join, according to Doug Smith of the Toronto Star. The list includes incumbent Toronto, where Bosh has played since 2003. Three teams with cap space -- Miami, New York and Chicago -- also make the list. The final slot goes to the NBA team with the most gargantuan payroll and the best, most expensive frontcourt: the Lakers.

    Los Angeles has no cap space, and would have to send back at least $14 million in salary to the Raptors in a sign-and-trade for Bosh. It would have to be $14 million in salary which happens to be amenable to Toronto. So basically, it would have to be Andrew Bynum, who actually makes only $13.7 million, which means Bosh would have to take about $300,000 less than his maximum salary.