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Hedo News Will Hurt The Raptors In A Bosh Sign & Trade

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  • Hedo News Will Hurt The Raptors In A Bosh Sign & Trade

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    I don't believe it will hurt them at all. It was well known before he made these statements that the Raptors desperately wanted to rid themselves of him and that he didn't want to be in Toronto.


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      But now other teams know that Hedo is a whiny douche and would be much less inclined to take him.


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        Toronto needs to show that it's committing to rebuilding. Our captain is walking, and our biggest FA signing isn't planning on showing up to training camp. We have a few young pieces, but contending is not in the cards even 3 years down the road (unless Derozan explodes or something).


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          Whats the use of him to begin with? I mean its not like he brings any leadership to the young guns in this team, he just bring bad chemistry to the locker without even earning it on the court. So as far as I'm concern, this guy should and will be on the trading block every single offseason/trade deadline till we get rid of him.


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              ^-- Your sig is funny


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                Anytime a player admits to the press that they're unhappy and want out ASAP their value drops. Hedo is still movable because most teams around the league expect him to bounce back if he were to get into the right system. We would be hard pressed to get players of significant value for him at this point. I'd expect some other teams expensive mistake to come back to the Raps in hopes they could turn things up a bit on a new team and new system.