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Raptors Future Looks Bleaker With Turkoglu Comments

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    Whoa, Tim

    Teams don't overpay like they used to? How long ago is used to? I agree that teams should be more cost conscious and not hand out ridiculous max contracts, but this summer is likely going to result in a handful of some of the worst contracts ever signed. Only two guys Wade and Bron are going to be worth every year of thier max deal and the rest of Bosh, JJ, Amare, Dirk, Boozer, Gay, Lee are all going to get paid monster deals because teams looked to this summer to create cap room and can't come back to thier fans empty handed.

    The whole reason the new CBA is going to restrict max years and max money is because teams keep handing out ridiculous contracts to players who don't deserve or earn them.


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      Apollo wrote: View Post
      I don't argee with TIm. The future seems no more bleak after Hedo's recent comments than as before them. Before he made the comments it was known that the team was not happy with him and he was not happy with the team. Beyond that I think Tim totally overrates the impact Hedo has on a club. Sure he looks good dropped down next to Howard, Lewis and Nelson but what about next to Bargnani, Weems, DeRozan and Calderon or Jack? The only piece missing from last season's equation is Bosh I seriously don't think Hedo's on court problems centered on the big man. I think the removal of Hedo is addition by subtraction. Worst case scenario is him coming back.
      I disagree with you on this. Many people thought that Hedo will have a bounce back year next year and that by bringing the right tools, we can utilize him better and get more out of him.
      The consent was that Hedo was embarrassed from his performance ( exit interview) and will hopefully come back with a Chip on his Shoulder trying to prove his critics that they were wrong and he did deserve the big contract and ...

      Now things are very different. We know that he does not want to come back. We know that even if he comes back, he will not be motivated. We know that there is going to be a huge friction in the locker room because of him and ...

      Can we trade him ? Hedo was on his lowest value after his miserable year and the only things that could have brought his value lower was him publicly demanding a trade and acting like a child. Well, he did it. I personally do not think we will be able to move him or if we do, we will et parts and pieces that we can not really do anything with.

      I don't think BC was looking to move Hedo this summer and his plate was pretty full with a S&T for Bosh, moving one of his PG, Signing Amir and maybe moving one of the expiring contracts.

      Now, he has to worry about the impossible task of moving Hedo and the ramifications of NOT moving him and ...

      I think we just got one step closer to Blowing things up, something I am assuming BC is against with but has no choice but doing soon.